Our Working Paper Series (WPS) aims to disseminate research output from school staff and doctoral students at Westminster Business School.

Working Papers constitute work-in-progress research. They are published to stimulate discussion and contribute to the spread of knowledge across a wide range of research areas.

All papers will be published electronically.

How to submit your paper

Before submitting your paper, you should contact your relevant School Research Leader for approval. Once you have the endorsement of your School Research Leader send your paper to Rebeca Muñoz at [email protected]

School of Applied Management

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School of Finance and Accounting

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School of Management and Marketing

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School of Organisations, Economy and Society

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Style guidelines

The series does not adopt a particular style, but here are some general guidelines. 

  • Use a concise and recognised writing style
  • Line spacing should be 1.5; text should be justified with normal margins
  • Papers should include a full list of references for works cited
  • Harvard style of referencing is preferred
  • Submit papers in PDF format
  • The cover page should include: (i) the paper title, name of author(s), institutional affiliation(s) and email address(es); (ii) a short abstract of no more than 200 words and (iii) Up to five keywords



Polynomial adjusted Student-t densities for modeling asset returns

Paper number: 2021/001
Authors: Ángel León and Trino-Manuel Ñíguez


Convergence on ASEAN

Paper number: 2020/005
Authors: Chang Yee Kwan, Issam Malki

Backtesting VaR under the COVID-19 Sudden Changes in Volatility

Paper number: 2020/004
Authors: Brenda Castillo, Ángel León and Trino-Manuel Ñíguez

Copula Methods for Evaluating Relative Tail Forecasting Performance

Paper number: 2020/003
Authors: Ángel León and Trino-Manuel Ñíguez

On the Dynamics of Income Inequality

Paper number: 2020/002
Authors: Atanu Goshray, Issam Malki and Javier Ordoñez

Modeling asset returns under transformed Gram-Charlier

Paper number: 2020/001
Authors: Ángel León and Trino-Manuel Ñíguez


Pre-apprenticeship training for young people: estimating the marginal and average treatment effects

Paper number: 2019/003
Authors: Richard Dorsett and Lucy Stokes

Basic Income as a Policy Lever: A Case Study of Crime in Alaska

Paper number: 2019/002
Authors: Richard Dorsett

Divergence and Clubs Convergence of the Global Energy

Paper number: 2019/001
Authors: Issam Malki and Atanu Goshray


Censoring and Instrumental Variable Estimation: Biases in Estimates of the Relationship between Father’s and Children’s Years of Education

Paper 2018/006
Authors: Richard Dorsett, Cinzia Rienzo, Martin Weale

Flexible Distribution Functions, Higher-order Preferences and Optimal Portfolio Allocation

Paper: 2018/005
Authors: Trino-Manuel Ñíguez, Ivan Paya, David Peel, Javier Perote

Time-varying SNP distribution and portfolio performance

Paper: 2018/004
Authors: Trino-Manuel Ñíguez, Angel Leon

The Portfolio Balance Channel: An Analysis on the impact of Quantitative Easing on the US Stock Market

Paper: 2018/003
Authors: Issam Malki, Francesca Schmidt-Fischer, Imran Hussain Shah

Revisiting the Antisocial Punishment across Societies Experiment

Paper: 2018/002
Authors: Issam Malki, Pablo Lucas

A Note on the Wage Effects of the 1972 Raising of the School Leaving Age in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Paper: 2018/001
Authors: Franz Buscha, Matt Dickson

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