The University of Westminster Learner Analytics Data Privacy Statement

The University of Westminster is the data controller of the personal data held in relation to student engagement activity and our Learner Analytics approach.


The University of Westminster takes its data protection obligations very seriously. Access to any personal information you give us when studying with the University is subject to a staff confidentiality agreement. Access to your personal information in our Learner Analytics process is limited by permissions to only those staff who need access to your information to manage and deliver our student engagement processes.

Personal data

Your enrollment and studies with the University will generate personal data relating to your courses, engagement and attendance, assessments, research activities if undertaken, examinations, qualifications, and use of our services.

Specifically in relation to the University’s Learner Analytics approach, a selection of your personal data held in our Student Records System, our Virtual Learning Environment, our Timetabling System and our Student Engagement and Attendance System will be made available to your Personal Tutor and other authorised University staff, and will be available to share with you.

Use of personal data

The University of Westminster uses your personal information as described above for the purposes of:

  • Identifying when your level of engagement indicates potential difficulties
  • Offering you an opportunity to discuss your engagement with your Personal Tutor
  • Agreeing any advice and support that you will find useful
  • Ensuring that your agreed support and advice is communicated appropriately and your engagement situation consequently improves
  • Communications with you on these matters
  • To monitor our responsibilities under equality legislation

Legal basis for processing and data retention

The University is processing your personal information regarding your engagement in relation to the agreement you have made at enrollment.

If you are an Undergraduate student see Regulation 3.7.1 in the below document:

If you are a Postgraduate student see Regulation 18.47 in the below document:

The University will try to ensure that you have every opportunity to fully engage in your studies and research whilst you are with us, and attain your fullest potential. We will strive to offer all the advice and support you need to progress with your education.

Additionally, as these tasks are very much at the heart of the University’s public remit, we believe it is in the public interest to process your data in this way.

The personal data we use in the Learner Analytics approach will be available to you and authorised staff whilst you are actively enrolled on a course, for the whole period of your enrollment on that course.

When you finish your course, your contact details will not be available through Learner Analytics.

At that point, our Student Records Retention Schedule, or any local system retention schedule, will apply.

For details see:

Student Records Retention Schedule

Special category personal data

In most circumstances the University will not gather or require you to give us any sensitive personal data in regards to your engagement. If a situation should arise where we feel it would be in your interest to have the opportunity to tell us some sensitive personal details, relating perhaps to your health or disability, this information will only be gathered and used with your explicit consent. Any sensitive personal information we hold will only be shared where it is essential for the delivery of any agreed advice or support. Where appropriate, we will record your explicit consent to use ‘special category’ personal data in relation to the Learner Analytics process.

Data transfers and sharing

None of your personal information is shared by the University with any other third party organisation, other than where this is necessary for the provision of support, advice or a specific service you have agreed to, or where otherwise allowed by UK law.

Where services involve a third party processing your information, for example our use of a cloud based IT service, such services will be covered by a contract.

Contact us

For any information about our Learner Analytics approach, please contact: [email protected].

Your Rights

If you have any questions relating to your personal information and your information rights, including right of access, rectification and erasure, please see the University’s data protection web pages.

Or contact the University Information Compliance Team [email protected].

You can also contact the Information Commissioners’ Office in relation to any concerns or issue you may have with the processing of your personal information.


Last reviewed and updated September 2018