This page is primarily aimed at individuals who have already been appointed as a University of Westminster External Examiner.

The role of external examiners

The role of Subject Area External Examiners is to judge whether students, as a group, have been rigorously and fairly assessed in relation to the objectives and syllabus of modules and have reached the required academic standard. Such judgements are made in the context of knowledge of standards applied in comparable courses elsewhere in UK HEIs and of levels of student attainment in previous years. 

The subject specialist External Examiner’s primary role is that of an  independent advisor of the assessment process and of standards set by internal examiners; the external examiner reviews the operation of the assessment process, attest that assessment regulations have been fairly applied and approve academic standards set by internal examiners. 

External Examiner Portal

The External Examiner (EE) Portal is the University system which provides access for external examiners to carry out some of their key functions.

  • Access payslips and P60s 
  • Expense claim forms and online submission 
  • Submission of annual report 
  • Response to annual report
  • Regulations and Policy reference

Sign in to the EE Portal

Regulations and policy reference


Upon appointment as an external examiner you will receive an appointment letter, as well as an External Examiner Induction (see induction document below) to the University Academic Regulations and processes. Your point of contact will arrange a local induction to the curriculum and course team, this usually takes place virtually to ensure the induction is timely and ahead of any required external scrutiny.

Any questions?

  • Academic queries should be directed to your point of contact in the first instance (detailed on your appointment letter). 
  • Administrative queries, such as appointment, systems access, payment and regulations, should be directed to External Examiner and QA Coordinator, Quality and Standards team via: [email protected]

You can also refer to the external guidance document below for further information.