Legal requirement

Section 19 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 places an obligation on Public Authorities to make certain classes of information routinely available through a Publication Scheme.

The University of Westminster has adopted the Information Commissioner’s approved model Publication Scheme for Universities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

For further information about the model Publication Scheme for Universities, please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

What is the Publication Scheme?

The University is committed to routinely publishing information which reflects our work and our organisation. The Publication Scheme helps you find that information.

In this context, published information means information that is routinely and readily available in a structured way either on paper or online.

Accessing information covered by the Publication Scheme

We have opted for an online Publication Scheme as we aim to publish most of our information on our website.

The Publication Scheme has been divided into eight sections; each section will explain the common theme or function and list the published information in the form of links or PDF documents.

We aim to provide at least one free format of our Publication Scheme. If you require an alternative format, please contact the Information Compliance Team.

What about information not covered by the Publication Scheme?

Requests for unpublished information should be made to the University in writing either by post or email. We will normally respond fully within 20 working days.

Please note that certain types of information are exempted by the Act. These include personal data (where disclosure would breach the Data Protection Act 2018) as well as commercially sensitive and confidential materials. If your request for information is refused, we will write to you explaining which exemption we have applied and why.

The University of Westminster Students' Union is not covered by the Publication Scheme - you will need to contact the Students' Union or visit the Students' Union website.


Copyright for our Publication Scheme belongs to the University of Westminster. All rights are reserved. The Publication Scheme is for personal use only and may not be copied or stored in any electronic form, or reproduced in any other way or used for any other purpose, either in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the University of Westminster. All copies of the Publication Scheme must incorporate this Copyright Notice.

Contact us, feedback and further information

It is important that this Publication Scheme meets your needs. If you find the scheme difficult to understand, please let us know. Any questions, comments or complaints about this Scheme should be sent in writing to:

Information Compliance Team
University of Westminster
Third floor
32-38 Wells Street
London W1T 3UW

E: [email protected]

Information Commissioner’s Office

If you want to take your complaint further or if you need independent advice on a Freedom of Information issue, you should write to the Information Commissioner at:

Information Commissioner

Wycliffe House

Water Lane


Cheshire SK9 5AF