How to choose your modules if you are a visiting exchange student:

  • As a visiting exchange student from one of our partner institutions, you are able to take modules in the School and/or College in your home institution with which we have an agreement
  • Which modules you can take will also depend on the faculty, School or department you are coming from and which degree you are studying at your home institution
  • In this document you will find a list of our exchange partners listed in alphabetical order by country, partner institution name and the details of which modules you are able to choose from. Please remember the modules you are able to choose are determined by the degree/discipline you are studying at your home institution
  • As a visiting exchange student you are able to take a maximum of three modules per semester up to the UK credit value of 60 UK credits. The credit value of the module is listed in the module catalogue
  • Please also remember that in order to be accepted as a visiting exchange student at the University of Westminster, you must first be nominated as a student and accepted onto the exchange programme. Please also bear in mind that nomination does not imply automatic acceptance to the programme
  • If we do not have an exchange agreement with your institution it will not be listed here and you are not eligible to study as a visiting exchange student. You are still able to study with us via our fee paying study abroad programme. For details of the study abroad options open to visiting students please visit our Study Abroad page

Follow the steps below to choose your modules.

Step 1

Download the module information sheet to check which modules you are able to study:

Step 2

Look at the module catalogues for the subject you are eligible to study. The catalogues are provided at the bottom of this page and are listed by Campus and subject area. Please ensure you only pick modules from the subject area you have been accepted to study at.

You will be able to select from the available modules on the online application form.

Step 3

You must choose at least six modules per semester (three preferred and three alternative choices), to account for any changes in the module offering, timetable clashes or modules being oversubscribed.

Step 4

If you have been nominated and accepted for an exchange to the School of Arts and the School of Media and Communication and the practical modules within the School Architecture and the Cities, and are applying for practice-based classes, please read through portfolio requirements before you submit your portfolio.

Module catalogues

Please be aware, you are applying for acceptance on to the incoming student exchange programme, not specific modules. The incoming exchange student module catalogues list the modules available at the time of application, and is subject to change before enrolment on to the programme.

Once enrolled onto the programme, the University of Westminster endeavours to ensure all module content and delivery remains unchanged throughout the period of your studies. However, where changes are unavoidable these will be conducted in the least disruptive way. Please refer to your Incoming Exchange Student Terms and Conditions for details on how and when courses may change.

Full details of the terms and conditions can be found on our how to apply page.

Architecture and Tourism classes 

Taught at Marylebone Campus –Zone 1. Includes Architecture, Planning and Tourism Classes.

Arts, Media and Communication classes

Taught at Harrow Campus – Zone 4. Includes Art and Design, Digital Media, Creative Practice, Fashion Industry, Photography, Journalism, Film and Visual Communication and Transmedia Classes.

Business classes

Taught at Marylebone Campus – Zone 1.

Computer Science classes

Taught at Cavendish Campus – Zone 1.

Humanities classes

Taught at Regent Campus – Zone 1. Includes English, Linguistics, History and Modern Languages and Culture Classes.

Law classes

Taught at Regent Campus – Zone 1.

Life Sciences classes

Taught at Cavendish Campus – Zone 1.

Social Sciences classes

Taught at Regent Campus – Zone 1 (Psychology taught at Cavendish Campus). Includes Criminology, Politics and International Relations, Psychology and Sociology Classes.