Who can apply

To be eligible to study at the University of Westminster as an exchange student, you will need to be studying at one of our exchange partner universities.

You can study here for either a semester or year.

Check our exchange partners list to see whether your university is included:




If your university is not one of our exchange partners, you can still join us as a visiting student for a summer, semester or year via one of our study abroad programmes.

How to apply

The application process to join us as an exchange student comprises two main steps: nomination by your home university and then completion of an online application form. Details of each step are provided below.

Step 1 – Nomination

You will need to be selected and nominated by your home university to study in one of our faculties or departments covered by our exchange partnership.

Nominations must be sent to the Education Abroad Team and received by the appropriate deadline:

  • Start date: September - Deadline for nomination: 1 April
  • Start date: January - Deadline for nomination: 1 September

Step 2 – Application

When the nomination has been accepted, you'll receive a welcome email outlining the online application process.

Details on the application process, including information on supporting documents that you'll need to upload, are provided in our application instructions:

Application deadlines

You'll need to complete your online application by the appropriate deadline:

  • Start date: September – Deadline for application: 1 May
  • Start date: January – Deadline for application: 15 October

Choosing your modules

You must include your module choices in your application and can only study modules provided in the department or faculty that you have been nominated to study in.

If you are applying for a practical Media, Arts and Design or Architecture module, you'll need to submit a portfolio of work in either slide or photo format. For details on what to include in your portfolio, have a look at our Portfolio requirements page.

For more details on available modules and how many credits they're worth, have a look at our Modules and credit page.

How and when you will hear back

You will receive an official acceptance email when your online application has been processed and approved. A formal letter of acceptance will also be sent to your home university.

Approximately six weeks before the start of the semester, we will send you an email with orientation information.

For semester start dates and other key periods, have a look at our semester dates.

If you change your mind and wish to withdraw

If you wish to withdraw from the exchange programme, you must let the Education Abroad Team know as soon as possible.

Getting your Learning Agreement signed

Some students, including Erasmus+ students, will have a Learning Agreement that needs to be signed by one of our Academic Exchange Coordinators.

If you have a Learning Agreement that requires a signature, just contact the relevant Academic Exchange Coordinator.

How we use your data

The University of Westminster will use your data in line with the Data Protection Act (1998).

Learn more about how we use your data.

Incoming exchange student terms and conditions

You can download a full copy of the incoming exchange student terms and conditions which govern your acceptance and enrolment on the programme. The document also includes some useful information on University policies which you should read to ensure you understand the regulations that will govern your studies at the University of Westminster.