The University of Westminster is committed to collecting and processing your personal data in a fair and transparent manner and in keeping with the relevant legislation.

Access to your personal information by academic staff and administrators at the University is subject to a confidentiality agreement, and limited by system permissions to only those staff who need access to this information for their professional roles.

Similarly, we put in place agreements with partner organisations and overseas operators that ensure protection for your personal information when we send it to destinations outside the UK.

However, if you have contacted us independently, and require personal information about you to form part of a communication between the University and a country outside the EEA, you should be aware that some risks to your personal data’s integrity may exist, and we ask you to consider co-operating fully with any secure means of communication we request.

When applying to the University of Westminster or with our international partners and third party providers with whom we work, information about you will be shared with authorised persons to resolve issues relating to your application, enrolment, accommodation, studies, health issues and any related specific programme requirement, for example social programmes or an internship.

When joining the University of Westminster, many of our University services and systems, which are essential to the educational experience we offer, for example our Virtual Learning Environment, use the personal information you provide to us to enable these services and systems to be usable by you. The provision of these services and systems are fundamental to the agreement you will make when you become a student at the University of Westminster.

For more information on the agreed use of your personal information, please see our general Student Privacy Statement. This is where you can also find more information about our purposes for using your personal data when you are a student with us and any further sharing of your data here in the UK, with third parties and where required by law.

In some circumstances, where you have given consent for your personal information to be held and processed by the University, we will hold information of a sensitive and special category status, for example health information, to enable us to deliver the services and support you require. This type of information will be shared only where it is essential to do so, and with your prior agreement and explicit consent.

Requests relating to the withdrawal of your consent for special category data processing need to be made to the Education Abroad Team. Please note a withdrawal of consent for some special category data processing may have a detrimental effect on your educational experience. For details, please discuss with the Education Abroad Team.

The University will only retain and process your personal information as a student in accordance with our Student Records Retention Schedule (SRRS). Please read our current SRRS.

If you have any questions relating to your personal information and your information rights, including right of access, rectification and erasure, please see the University’s data protection webpages or contact the University information Compliance Team at [email protected].

To find out more about the agreements the University has with partner organisations and overseas operators that ensure protection for your personal information when we send it to destinations outside the UK, please contact [email protected].

You can also contact the Information Commissioner's Office in relation to any concerns or issues you may have with the processing of your personal information.

Last updated March 2017.