Module choices

As a visiting exchange student from one of our partner institutions, you can take modules in the School and/or College that we have an agreement with. The modules you can take will also depend on the course you are studying at your home institution.

You are allowed to take a maximum of 3 modules a semester, up to 60 UK credits. The credit value of each module is listed in the module catalogue.

To see our module catalogues and more details on how to choose modules, visit our Choosing your modules page.

Module credit and mode of study

During your time at Westminster, you will need to study full time.

Full-time students typically study three modules per semester, which equates to 60 UK credits. Most one-semester modules are worth 20 UK credits.

The number of modules/credits you will need to take are summarised in the table below.

Workload Westminster credits Equivalent ECTS credits
Academic year 120 credits (6 modules) 60 credits
One semester 60 credits (3 modules) 30 credits
One module 20 credits 10 ECTS credits

Credit and grade equivalencies

It is your responsibility to check with your home university how your credits will transfer to your home degree.

You also need to ensure that any specific study requirements for your exchange are agreed before you accept an exchange, if possible.

The grades on your transcript will appear as percentage grades and your home institution will complete the credit transfer. The methodology applied to both credit and grade equivalency will also be determined by your home institution.

Academic assessment and transcripts

The pass mark for all undergraduate modules is 40%, with some modules requiring a minimum pass mark in each element of assessment (eg 40%).

The minimum pass mark for a module at postgraduate level is 50%.

At the end of the exchange period, your grades will be confirmed by both internal and external assessors, and a transcript (record) of your results will be sent to either your home address or your home university, depending on the partnership arrangements in place.

Your transcript is issued by the Faculty Registry Office that your exchange is associated with. The office is located on your University campus and they can provide you with assistance on your enrolment.