The University Executive Board (UEB) is the senior management committee of the University.

Its primary focus is to consider, approve and monitor the effectiveness of University strategic objectives and operations.


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Terms of reference

The purpose of UEB is to:

  1. Articulate and approve University-level strategies, policies and plans (Faculty and Corporate Services). Where appropriate, UEB will recommend approval of certain University-level strategies to the Court of Governors.
  2. Monitor the effectiveness of University-level strategies, policies and plans.
  3. Ensure the effective strategic management of the university’s financial, human and physical resources.
  4. Set targets and benchmarks for the university and faculties, and monitor their achievement.
  5. Advise on the preparation of the annual review and capital budgets for approval by the Finance and Property Committee and the Court of Governors.
  6. Consider and make decisions on the allocation of resources to faculties, departments and units.
  7. Assess and monitor Risk.
  8. Approve the establishment and closure of multi-faculty Research Centres and other academic units.
  9. Commission periodic environmental scanning to ensure the University remains responsive to national and international developments that could, or would affect the University’s reputation.