Our Student Terms and Conditions can be found by clicking the appropriate link below. Please refer to the year at which you entered or are entering the University.

We recommend all students download and save a copy of the relevant Terms and Conditions for your year of entry. However, the documents will be available here for reference throughout your studies.


These terms are for students entering from September 2020 onwards.


These terms are for students entering from September 2019 onwards.


These terms are for students entering in September 2018 and January 2019.


These terms are for students who entered in September 2017 and January 2018.


These terms are for students who entered in September 2016 and January 2017.


(See paragraph 3 and the list of policies at the end of the terms and conditions document)

As a student at the University of Westminster you are bound by a number of rules and regulations. The consequences of not adhering to these rules can carry penalties, including disciplinary measures and even withdrawal from the programme.

The terms and conditions document contains a list of links to all associated rules and regulations which collectively form your student agreement. Please take time to familiarise yourself with these documents.

(See paragraph 8)

The cooling off period is the time in which you can change your mind about studying at the University without paying any tuition fees.

Many universities calculate their cooling off period using the minimum legal obligation: from the point at which an applicant accepts an offer to 14 days later. However, we recognise that when making a decision as big as entering into higher education such a short period just isn’t long enough. Our cooling off period extends from the time you accept an offer to study until the start of teaching week 2. This means that if you choose to withdraw at any time up until the start of teaching week 2 you will not have to pay tuition fees. It gives applicants the opportunity to review their decision post enrolment, which we feel is important.

(See paragraph 7.5)

In addition to your tuition fee there may be other additional costs associated with the course such as materials and field trips. Where there are additional costs these are added to all course pages on our website under the Fees and Funding section. There you can also find a link to our generic what your tuition fees cover page, which provides information on issues such as professional registration and photocopying charges.

(See paragraph 7.4)

Since September 2019, once a student has enrolled at the University, they can be assured of one fixed fee for the duration of their studies, provided they complete in the standard timeframe. The standard timeframe of your course is listed on the specific course page on the website under ‘duration’.

Extending the duration of your course beyond the published duration may result in additional fees.

(See paragraph 8)

Fee liability is how much you are required to pay the University should you withdraw or suspend your studies at different stages throughout the academic year. It is not the same as a payment schedule. The fee liability is shown in your terms and conditions as a percentage because it covers a range of fees. Here we have included an example based on undergraduate tuition fees as of January 2018, to add clarity of how the liability works in practice:

  • A student who withdraws within the cooling off period is not liable for any tuition fees.
  • A student who withdraws after the cooling off period but before the start of the second liability period, is required to pay 25% of the year’s fee. (£2,312.50)
  • A student who withdraws during the second liability period, is required to pay 50% of the year’s fee. (£4,625)
  • A student who withdraws after the start of the third liability period is required to pay 100% of the year’s fee. (£9,250)

Similarly, if you pay your entire year’s fees upfront at the beginning and subsequently withdraw, the fee liability would entitle you to a refund of a portion of those fees, dependent on when you withdraw.

(See paragraph 8.2)

You can cancel your offer without financial penalty any time until the start of the first liability period (end of teaching week 1) by notifying the relevant administrative staff.

  • If you want to cancel before you enrol, you can do this by notifying course admissions
  • If you want to cancel after enrolment, you can do this by notifying your Campus Registry

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Appendix A of the Student Terms and Conditions provides a model cancellation form to make the process as simple as possible.

(See paragraph 10)

It may be necessary to change or withdraw an offer as a result of course feedback/development. Where this is the case, you will be notified at the earliest opportunity, usually with an offer to study on the amended course or a similar one. If a similar course cannot be provided or you do not want to accept the amended offer, you will have the opportunity to find a different education provider with the University making reasonable endeavours to assist you.

An offer can also be withdrawn if we become aware of an applicant knowingly providing false information in support of their application.

(See paragraph 14)

Courses are offered according to the published information. However, as part of our internal Quality Assurance processes subsequent updates can be made to courses in response to student and external feedback. These changes are only ever made to enhance the learning experience and where a substantial change is proposed, this is always done in consultation with students. 

The Student Terms and Conditions documents linked on this page are overview documents which provide an accessible point for the most important aspects of your student agreement. The student regulations are revised and updated annually. Where a major change is made a communication is sent to all students affected.