A joint message from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience) and the President of the Students’ Union:

“Our University is a diverse, vibrant and inspirational learning environment.

When you join the University, you become a member of a community that has the student experience at the core of its thinking. You become part of our teaching and learning experience, that engages students as critical co-creators of their higher education experience. As a student, you will also benefit from our coordinated approach to supporting the development of your employability-related skills – helping you on your journey to becoming a highly employable, globally engaged, and socially responsible citizen.

This Charter sets out how we will work together to shape the future of professional life.”

At Westminster staff and students agree to:

  • Treat each other with mutual respect and courtesy in order to foster a supportive and inclusive environment
  • Be an active member of the University community engaging in discussion and contributing to activities that are available
  • Attend and participate in all learning activities whether they are face to face or online, individual or collaborative
  • Complete all assessments and submit all work and feedback on time
  • Respond promptly to communications addressed to you
  • Proactively engage with systems in place to improve the University
  • Speak out when you think things could be improved