Academic appeals

An academic appeal is defined as a request for a review of an Assessment Board decision or Mitigating Circumstances Board decision. Assessment Boards make decisions on student progress, assessment, and awards.

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Academic misconduct

Academic misconduct is where a student gains, or seeks, attempts or intends to gain, an advantage in relation to assessment, either for him/herself or for another person, by unfair or improper means.

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Academic regulations

Our academic regulations govern the vast majority of our taught courses and help to ensure consistency in our quality and academic standards.

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Changing your course

Find out about changing your course or changing your mode of study from full time to part time.

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For guidance on copyright, have a look at our Copyright Library Guide, which covers the following areas:

  • photocopying
  • printing
  • scanning
  • downloading of material


Before each academic year begins, you'll need to re-enrol on your course. Have a look at our Enrolment page for details.

If you're a new student starting with us this year, you'll find enrolment instructions on our Enrolment for new students pages.

IT security and use policy

Our IT Security and Use Policy explains how you may use and access the University's information systems and services.

Library regulations

Our library regulations explain how you can use and access our libraries.

Module registration

Find out about when and how to register on your modules each year on our Module registration page.

Referencing your work

If you're using quotations, ideas or information from other people’s work in your essays, coursework or other academic writing, you need to acknowledge the source to avoid committing plagiarism.

Have a look at our guidance on referencing your work correctly.

Withdrawing or interrupting from studies

Check the process for withdrawing or interrupting from your studies.

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