Changing your personal details

If you need to update your name, address, contact or other details in My Student Record, have a look at how to do so on our Changing your personal details page.

Confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS)

Find out how to extend your CAS on our CAS page.

Fieldwork and offsite working

The University has a duty of care for students while you're on University business, wherever you're located.

Find out more on our Fieldwork and offsite working page.

Official letter requests

Find out how to request an official letter on our Official letter requests page.

Referred activities committee

The Referred Activities Committee reports to the University Executive Board (UEB) on various issues relating to external speakers, freedom of speech and the Prevent Duty.

Read more about the referred activities committee.

Requests to film in our libraries

Find out how to apply for permission to film in our libraries:

Reporting incidents and accidents

Read about how to report any health and safety incident that occurs on University premises, or during the course of University-organised activities (such as field trips).

Read about reporting incidents and accidents.

Report and support

Our Report and Support platform allows all students to report incidences of discrimination, harassment, bullying or any other negative, unwanted behaviour.

Student code of conduct

The Student Code of Conduct sets out the University's expectations in relation to behaviour on site.

Student complaints

Check the Student Complaints Procedure to find out how best to raise and resolve issues if you feel that the standard of academic or service delivery falls short of what may reasonably be expected.

Student charter

Read through the University's aspirations and what staff and students should expect of one another.

Read more about our student charter.

Social media guidelines

Smart use of social media can benefit your studies, help you find employment, and enrich your personal and social life.

Read our social media guidelines to find out how to use social media safely and effectively.

Student engagement and attendance

Read about student engagement and attendance.

Student terms and conditions

We recommend all students download and save a copy of the relevant Terms and Conditions for your year of entry.

Read more about our student terms and conditions.

Unacceptable behaviour policy

While pursuing a complaint against the University can be stressful, we expect a certain standard of behaviour from you, and will not accept aggressive or abusive behaviour towards staff.

Read our unacceptable behaviour policy.

Wellbeing Wednesdays

The University is committed, working in cooperation with the Students' Union, to implement 'Wellbeing Wednesdays' for all undergraduate students. This means that teaching is not scheduled between the period from 1pm–5pm on Wednesdays.

Read more about how Wellbeing Wednesdays work