If you've noticed anything broken or faulty in your work/study environment then you need to report it to the Estates Planning & Services department who can get it fixed quickly and effectively. Use the Estates Helpdesk to report your problem and get it repaired.

Here you can log issues such as:

  • A general fault problem with the building maintenance such as leaks, lighting, heating, cooling etc.
  • A problem with your Halls of Residence living space or communal areas
  • A problem with the catering services or facilities
  • A problem with the security system: cameras, turnstiles, swipe card readers, etc.
  • You can also ask for assistance with cleaning, furniture, porterage, post and room equipment

Please report all IT/AV related issues to IT Service Desk.

What happens next?

The appropriate team in Estates Planning and Services will be tasked with resolving the issue as quickly as possible. In relation to building faults, extra time may be required to obtain the appropriate parts. However, you can always contact the helpdesk to get an update of the issue you have raised at , quoting the task number given at the time of logging.