Student Disciplinary Regulations

The University is a community, and as members of the community students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is responsible and respectful to others, whether they be other students, members of staff, visitors to the University or members of the local community.

The Student Code of Conduct sets out the University's expectations in relation to behaviour on site. All students must familiarise themselves with this code of conduct.

Any breach of the Student Code of Conduct may be treated as a disciplinary matter, under the University's Student Disciplinary Procedure.

The Student Disciplinary regulations shall apply to behaviour by students wherever and whenever it may have taken place when it is considered by the University to be detrimental to another member of the University, University property or the interests and reputation of the University itself.

The procedures described in the Student Disciplinary Regulations will be used to investigate a complaint about a student. If you are making a complaint about a member of staff, please use the Student Complaints Procedure.

How can I make a complaint about a student?

The University’s Student Disciplinary Regulations are intended to address misconduct by a student rather than resolve disputes between individuals. Incidents which are not a potential breach of Student Code of Conduct will not be investigated under this process. 

If you feel you are concerned about behaviour from another student, you should report this to your Personal Tutor or Course Leader. They can either speak directly with the other student if they are on the same course as you or refer the matter to the other student’s Personal Tutor and Course Leader who will speak to the student and explain to them how their behaviour is affecting you, which will hopefully resolve the situation. 

If the matter is serious, or you are dissatisfied with the attempts to resolve the situation informally, or you do not wish to raise the matter informally you may want to consider raising your concerns to your College using the Concern Form. The procedures detailed in the Student Disciplinary Regulations will be used to investigate your concern.

If you do not know the name of the student, please provide as much information as possible and the University will investigate if they are able to identify the individual.

A Concern Form is available below. We advise that you read the guidance for making a complaint about another student before you submit your form:    

You would need to provide information about the incident or events which have prompted your complaint including: what, when, where, and who; eg observations of behaviour and impact, dates, times, locations, name(s) of those involved and any witnesses who could be contacted. You should also provide any evidence that may support your complaint e.g. copies of messages or any photographs. 

Once you have completed this form it should be submitted to your College:

Details regarding your course, school and college are located on your student record which can be accessed by logging on to the University website and viewing your ‘My Student Record’.

If you want to receive support or discuss how the conduct has affected you, you may want to speak with University Student Support services or your Personal Tutor. 

You can find contact details for Student Support on our Student wellbeing page.

You can find details on how to find out your Personal Tutor on our Personal Tutors page. 

There will be very limited circumstances in which the University can disclose any information about the misconduct to any third parties. Where a third party, who is a member of the University (staff or student), has been involved in a case as a victim of the alleged incident, the University may provide information on whether the case is being considered, and if their complaint was upheld and if action had been taken that directly impacts them. If you are dissatisfied with how your complaint has been processed, you can submit a complaint using the Student Complaints Procedure.

Fitness to Study Procedure

Where a student's behaviour is recognised as the result of issues relating to the student's health or well-being, the Fitness to Study Procedure may be used as an alternative to disciplinary procedures.

Fitness for Registration and Practice Regulations

The University has a particular responsibility in respect of students who are following a programme of study leading to a professional qualification which is registrable with a professional, or statutory or regulatory body, and where such registration is a pre-requisite to practise that profession.  

The Fitness for Registration and Practice Regulations may be used where:

(a) the student has been found guilty of academic misconduct under the University’s Academic Misconduct regulations or a disciplinary offence under the University’s Student Disciplinary regulations; or

(b) the student demonstrates behaviour and/or health issues which do not constitute misconduct under the terms of the University’s Academic Misconduct or Student Disciplinary regulations, but raise issues of their fitness for registration and practise; and

(c) there is a legal obligation to inform the professional, statutory or regulatory body about the matters covered by (a) and (b), or in the judgement of the Vice-Chancellor it would be in the public interest to do so

Please refer to the Fitness Registration and Practice Regulations for full details.