Any health and safety incident that occurs on University premises, or during the course of University-organised activities (such as field trips) must be reported to the University Safety, Health and Wellbeing Team.

Use the online Incident/Accident reporting system to report incidents, accidents or near misses. This system is monitored during office hours. For emergency assistance, please see our Emergencies page.

What you should report

Some of the types of incidents that must be reported are as follows:

  • Injury – an unplanned, uncontrolled event which causes physical injury
  • Damage or loss – an unplanned, uncontrolled event which causes damage or loss but not physical injury
  • Near misses – an unplanned, uncontrolled event with the potential to cause injury, damage or other loss
  • Taken ill at work – staff/student requiring first aid attention on University premises (note that our academic regulations must also be adhered to)

Serious incidents must be reported immediately by dialing 5555 from a campus landline phone, or by contacting reception. If you need the Emergency Service(s) urgently and cannot contact reception, please call 999 first and contact reception immediately afterwards.

Once you have entered the required details in the system, the screen will display an incident reference number, and the option to print a PDF version of your report. The Safety, Health and Wellbeing team are also able to provide a copy of your report if you need it.

The Safety, Health and Wellbeing (SHW) Team are located on the Second Floor, 32-38 Wells Street, London W1T 3UW. They can also be contacted by email on or by phone on 0207 911 5107.

For information on seeking help and support and reporting sexual violence and harassment, please read our Sexual violence and harassment page.

Printed forms

You can also get a printed version of the Incident/Accident reporting form from the reception in your building. Completed printed forms (all three copies) should be placed in a sealed envelope and sent immediately to:

The SHW Team 
Second Floor
32-38 Wells Street
London W1T 3UW

The form should be completed by the affected/injured person, their representative, line manager or a witness to the incident. If a first aider attended, he/she should complete the form.

What happens after the incident/accident has been reported?

Once you have reported your accident, incident or near miss, it will be reviewed during office hours by a member of the Safety, Health and Wellbeing team. You may be contacted and asked to provide further information as part of an investigation.

Why report?

The University has a legal duty to document workplace incidents/accidents and to report certain types of accidents, injuries and dangerous occurrences arising out of its work activity to the relevant enforcing authority.

Incidents and accidents will be investigated to establish what lessons can be learned to prevent such incidents/accidents re-occurring.

For issues with your physical environment and the University buildings, please visit the Reporting a building fault page.