The University is committed, working in cooperation with the Students' Union, to implement 'Wellbeing Wednesdays' for all undergraduate students.

Please note: Social distancing requirements on campus due to COVID-19, has significantly reduced the University’s teaching estate. We hope to enable as many students as possible to experience some face-to-face teaching during the pandemic. In agreement with the Students’ Union, we have temporarily relaxed the restrictions on Wednesday afternoon teaching. This applies to both on-site and online teaching, as we need to maximise the use of available space. This is a temporary measure and will be kept under review as the situation changes.

What are Wellbeing Wednesdays? 

Teaching is not scheduled between the period from 1pm–5pm on Wednesdays. This is to support the mental and physical wellbeing of our students by encouraging and allowing them to pursue extra-curricular activity such as; volunteering opportunities, sporting activities, employability, career events, other student group activities, personal development and providing the time and space for students to balance their study time.

Read more about our sports and leisure activities and our health and wellbeing policies.

Exceptional circumstances 

There might be exceptional circumstances when there is no practical alternative but to schedule teaching on Wednesday afternoons. However, this will only happen if all efforts have been made to ensure that students have the option to be taught at different times during the week. These exceptions can also only be approved by permission from both the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) and the Student Union Vice-President (Undergraduate Education).

Leaving class early 

For a number of activities, such as sports events taking place at the University’s Chiswick sports ground, it may be necessary for students to leave the University at 12 noon on Wednesday afternoons. While teaching will be scheduled from 12–1pm, every effort is made to ensure that, for students needing to leave early, alternative sessions are available at other times during the week or, where that is not possible, recordings are provided. In addition, no student who needs to leave early will be penalised for not attending a class scheduled at this time.