Module registration for new students starting courses in January opens on 7 January at 9am and closes on 29 January. Module registration for continuing students will open in April.

New full-time undergraduate students

The majority of full-time undergraduate students will need to complete their module registration online. Your Registry office will send you an email confirming the process.

Your core modules are automatically registered and depending on your programme specification you will need to register optional modules.

Before the module registration process opens online, think carefully about the modules you'd like to study – spaces on modules are limited and will fill up fast. When you've completed your online module registration, you will not normally be permitted to make any changes.

Refer to Section 17 Handbook of Academic Regulations, 3.2 Course Structure, Guidance: Student Responsibilities – Module Registration for more detail.

Some full-time undergraduate students will need to register their modules by completing a Module Registration Form rather than selecting modules online - your registry office will email you with details.

The deadline for you to choose your optional modules is 29 January. If you don’t complete module choices by 29 January, these will be added for you and changes will not be possible in most cases. Academic departments will determine what modules will be used for those who don’t make a choice of their own.

Online module registration

You can search in SRSWeb for module descriptions for all courses by going to the Student Hub, clicking on "My Student Record", logging into your Westminster student account, clicking on the SRSWeb main menu and then going to "Module Search" to find your course.

Programme Specifications are available to view online:

For courses taking place at Marylebone campus, you can view and download module registration information online.

For further course information:

Part-time students

Online module registration is available for some part-time courses - your registry office will email you with details on registering your modules, but keep an eye on the Student Hub homepage for news and alerts too.

Postgraduate students

Online module registration is available for some postgraduate courses - your registry office will email you with details on how to register your modules for next year.

University-wide Electives

University-wide Electives are credit-bearing modules that will provide you with the opportunity to expand your professional skills and career development. 

Choosing a University-wide Elective will give you the opportunity to undertake work-based learning, develop projects and experience different areas of study within the University.

Find out more about University-wide Electives.

Polylang – learn a new language

If you're interested in learning a new language or developing one of your current languages, you can have a look at the University's open language programme, Polylang.

If you have not taken a Polylang language in year 0/1/2 of your course please choose the grade 1 of your chosen language and complete the online grading.

Find out more about Polylang.

Need help or have any questions?

Just get in touch with your Registry office and they will be happy to help.