Admissions guide on recruitment of younger students

The University wishes to ensure that younger students will be able to benefit from their studies in an environment with which the student and the student’s family feels comfortable.


Any prospective student who will not be 18 by December in their first year of study will be asked to come in for an interview with at least one member of their family or a guardian if possible.  If a member of the applicant’s family is not able to attend the interview, then a statement of approval from them should be obtained.

An interview allows both parties to ensure that the University will be a suitable environment for the student.  

The University would wish to ensure that a younger student is mature enough to benefit from higher education without the sort of support they would receive in a school.

The University is unable to act in locus parentis for a minor student. Both the student and the student’s family need to understand and accept the implications of this.  

The University would want to be sure that the student and their family are happy that the surroundings are suitable for them if we are in a position to offer a place within the normal academic criteria.

Halls of Residence

Not all of our halls are suitable for younger students, though there are a few places available in halls at the Harrow Campus (places subject to consent from a parental or guardian).  

As living in London may be considered to present an added dimension to the safety of the student, the University would consider it good practice for younger students to be resident in their family home or with extended family.


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