1. Course information

1.1 Undergraduate Open Days and Postgraduate Information events are held throughout the year to give prospective students the opportunity to visit the University and meet with University staff.  Dates, times and venues are published on our website.

1.2 Prospectus – best information on courses on University website and at UCAS.

2. How to apply

2.1 All applications should be submitted by the published deadline (where relevant) online via our website.

2.2 Applications for Taught Postgraduate courses should be made by clicking on the red Apply button that can be found on each course page. Applications for our Research Degrees can be found on our Research Degree pages.

2.3 Applications for Full Time Undergraduate courses should be made through UCAS website.

2.4 Applications for Part time Undergraduate courses should be made directly through the course link on the University’s website.

3. When we receive your application

3.1 Admissions Officers are responsible for courses and when we receive an application they will assess it based on the entry requirements for the course and will contact applicants if there is any missing information.

3.2 For many of our courses it is possible to make a decision at this stage and we will let you know via UCAS or the Westminster Applicant Portal.

3.3 Applicants who have declared an unspent criminal conviction will have their application considered under the Applicants who have Declared a Criminal Conviction process.

4. Interview / auditions

4.1 For a number of our courses, it may be necessary to identify the strongest applicants by the use of various means: essays; portfolios; selection workshops; interviews or auditions.

4.2 Applicants who reach the interview/audition stage will be invited at least seven days before the date of the event. Where an invited applicant is unable to attend and would like an alternative date, the Admissions Officer will endeavour to provide one within reason.

4.3 An interview/audition that an applicant attends in person, will be held either in groups or with more than one representative of the University’s staff on the panel. Where an invited applicant is unable to attend an interview in person, an alternative, for example, a telephone or Skype interview may be arranged.

5. Communication of decisions

5.1 The Admissions Officer will aim to communicate the decision to the applicant within fifteen working days although at very busy times this may take longer.

6. Rejection

6.1 Applicants will be informed of the reason for the rejection with the decision via UCAS or the Westminster Applicant Portal. Should an applicant require further feedback on the reason for their rejection, they are welcome to contact their Admissions Officer who would aim to provide the feedback within seven working days of receiving the request.

6.2 If there is an alternative course which the applicants is qualified for then they will be either asked if they wish to be considered or made an alternative offer.

7. Confirmation of decisions for applicants holding conditional offers

7.1 Applicants to full-time undergraduate courses - the University receives results for most UK qualifications directly from the examining boards but will contact the applicant if any result is missing.

7.2 Applicants to taught postgraduate, research and part-time undergraduate courses are expected to provide the University with their results as soon as they have received them. Admissions Officers will contact applicants for un-submitted results as it is not possible to confirm an applicant’s place on a course without this information.

7.3 Applicants who narrowly fail to meet the conditions of our offer will have their case reviewed as quickly as possible and a decision will be made on whether they can be accepted onto their original choice of course, an alternative course or no course at all.

8. Clearing

8.1 Where places remain available on full-time undergraduate courses, these will be advertised on the University’s website and details of how prospective clearing applicants should proceed will be published there too.

9. Enrolment

9.1 Applicants who have firmly accepted our offers will be contacted in the summer with information about the arrangements for their enrolment and induction and any preparations they are encouraged to make before the start of the course. Enrolment timetables and induction programmes will be accessible via the Applicant Portal.

9.2 Entry requirements for each course are reviewed by Academic and Admissions staff and these are published on the University website and at UCAS.