Student engagement and attendance

All students are required to use your student ID cards to swipe in to your timetabled classes. Each room will have a reader, or a number of readers, and touching your card to the reader will record your attendance.

If you don't attend your timetabled classes your Faculty Registry Office or the University Tier4 Team may contact you to talk to you about your absence and help you find additional support if you are experiencing difficulties.

If you miss classes for an extended period of time, your Faculty Registry Office will review your engagement on your programme of study with your Academic Course Team.

S.E.A Student Portal

To access the system and view your own engagement and attendance record:

Go to the Student Engagement and Attendance (SEA) system.

  • Sign in with your [email protected] and password.
  • Use the left and right arrows to move between weeks.
  • Change the view to day or month.
  • Click on an event to display more information.

If you are unable to attend a class you can record your absence in SEA, it is important that you do this if possible so we can see the reasons for your absence and can view the details as we monitor your engagement. If you forget your ID card but have attended you will also need to log this as an absence to record the reason you were unable to swipe in.

Download guidance on how to use the system (PDF)

Why is attendance important?

Attendance can be a significant factor of success. Attending your lectures, seminars and workshops provides you with opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully complete your course. A decrease in levels of engagement and attendance can provide an early warning of problems.

The engagement and attendance system is being introduced to:

  • improve the engagement and attendance of all students
  • ensure a proactive approach to providing support when you need it
  • enable you to maximise your full potential, increasing success and achievement.

Student Progression and Retention Administrators

Please contact your Student Progression and Retention Administrator if you have any queries on the Student Engagement and Attendance system.

Faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment

Kelly Sholagbade or Jyoti Varsani 
E: [email protected]

Faculty of Science and Technology

Gemma Creary
E: [email protected] 

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Jamie Shaw
E: [email protected] 

Westminster Business school

Ashley Borges
E: [email protected] 

Westminster School of Media Art and Design

Vincent McBride 
E: [email protected]

Further information

Students' Union

The Students' Union is there to represent your needs as a student, protect your rights and make sure your voice is heard .