The Supercrit series aims to combine lively and informative student events with international research and criticism at the highest level. The series brings some of the world's greatest architects back into the studio to present one of their most influential projects to a panel of international critics and a studio audience for critical debate, as though they were students presenting their work at a student crit.

The events are recorded, carefully edited, illustrated, annotated and discussed in accompanying essays and were published, first in book form and now as a website.

Events in the series so far have been Cedric Price: The Potteries Thinkbelt; Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown: Learning From Las Vegas; Richard Rogers: Pompidou Centre; Bernard Tschumi: The Parc de la Villette; Rem Koolhaas: Delirious New York ; Leon Krier: Poundbury; James Stirling Michaal Wilford: the Staatsgalerie. The last five events were all run in collaboration with The Architecture Foundation, and Supercrit 7 also with Tate Britain and the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

For more information visit the Supercrit website.