Our four research communities bring together and build on the work of our many strong, existing research groups and centres.

The four communities are:

  • Arts, Communication and Culture
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Health Innovation and Wellbeing
  • Sustainable Cities and the Urban Environment

Arts, Communication and Culture

In our globalised world, citizens now have unprecedented access to the arts, culture and media. As new technologies develop, the ability to reach audiences in new ways promotes a new opening for interdisciplinary discourse between core humanities disciplines, the study of new media, textual, visual and material cultures, and critical arts practice.

This community will focus on exploring how dramatic changes in the environmental, technological and communication landscape are transforming social, cultural and political issues globally. The community will also seek to understand and safeguard the cultural heritages of different communities and to support engagement with our past.

Diversity and Inclusion

This community will focus on research that explores what inclusion really means. It will seek to understand the issues that can enable or prevent particular groups from taking a full part in society as citizens in a global world, employees, students, and members of families and communities.

The community encompasses, though is not limited to, researchers interested in law, policy, economics and social sciences. It studies issues including diversity, discrimination, social mobility, organisations and labour markets.

This community’s foundation links strongly to Westminster’s values as we strive as an institution to recognise and value the diversity of our University community and the world in which our graduates operate.

Health Innovation and Wellbeing

This community will focus on developing solutions to better manage and prevent disease, helping populations stay healthier at home, in healthcare settings and at the workplace. Promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing across the whole lifespan, and in a variety of environmental settings, particularly as populations age, will ensure that this community plays an important role in promoting wellbeing for all. One focus will be on digital and big-data technologies that support health, and another focus will be on innovations in healthcare delivery, including patient data, healthcare systems, processes and security.

This community will specifically support research that investigates issues including mental health, chronic health conditions, quality of life, dementia and loneliness. Perspectives taken will encompass the medical, biological, environmental, digital, cultural, psychological, political and social.

The Health Innovation and Wellbeing community is working in collaboration with the Health Innovation Ecosystem.

Sustainable Cities and the Urban Environment

Our home is the City of London, and this community seeks to develop and enable new ways of moving people and goods around and between our global cities. Digital technologies and big-data approaches are set to change communications, transport, supply-chain management, as well as impact on educational and employment practices.

A core focus of this community is ensuring that cities are planned to ensure a sustainable and low-energy future and the environmental and social impact of concentrating people and economic activity in cities and urban areas is explored.

Research Communities funding call report

The first Research Communities funding call was published in early autumn 2019, and closed on 13 November 2019.

The Communities received a total number of 59 applications, out of which 30 projects were awarded seed funding to jump start their work.

Read all the details about the funding call, as well as the work of the Research Communities, in this comprehensive report: