About us

The Equality and Criminal Justice Research Group is a policy-oriented research team that aims to: explore, report on and advise on inequalities within the criminal justice system; develop research expertise and excellence on equality (race, gender, disability, faith, sexual orientation and age) and criminal justice, relating to suspects and offenders, victims (particularly of hate crime) and practitioners; secure funding for specific pieces of research work and publish; develop and disseminate policy proposals to government and criminal justice agencies and comment on emerging legislation.

The research team is committed to working with voluntary and statutory sector partners in order to commission and publish research and policy papers/briefings aimed at ensuring equal criminal justice outcomes for all members of a diverse community.

Our location

Equality and Criminal Justice Research Group, 309 Regent Street, London W1B 2UW

 Accessibility: Together with AccessAble, we have created online Disabled Access Guides for our buildings.

Contact us

Contact Sacha Darke, Group Leader:

T: +44 (20) 7911 5000
E: [email protected]