David Greene of Archigram worked with EXP Research Fellow Samantha Hardingham and a team of collaborators between 2003-8 to produce new projects in Greene's L.A.W.u.N. (Locally Available World unseen Networks) projects which he developed throughout his career, and which challenge the supremacy of the idea of 'built' architecture, with projects recording and proposing networks of 'unseen' technological and personal situations and circumstances.

Collaborators on this speculative project included textile sculptor Rowan Mersh who re-interpreted Greene's 'hairy coat', filmmaker and tutor Nic Clear, Theo Spyropoulos, AA tutor and artist Shin Egishera.

The work formed the basis of a book which acted as a retrospective of 40 years of David Greene's projects: L.A.W.u.N #19: The Disreputable Projects of David Greene, by David Greene and Samantha Hardingham, and designed by Zak Kyes (AA Publications, 2008, 2012) with contributors including Sand Helsel, Robin Middleton and Sam Jacob and an exhibition at London’s Architectural Association (also in 2008). A video of Greene and Hardingham discussing the work can be found on the London Architectural Association website.

Other exhibitions of the work were at the 2006 London Architecture Biennale and as the subject for a specially invited interdisciplinary design workshop for the ESPRC Ideas Factory in Middlesbrough (May 2006), set up to look at ideas of designing for uncertainty. This event was jointly organised by Greene and Hardingham, and was attended by many of Britain’s leading mathematicians and scientists.