The PhD by Practice model invites practicing architects and other eminent design practitioners to make a major contribution to the growing study of how designers work, by developing a PhD on their own practice, analysing, developing, questioning and improving their own work as it is in progress. This rigorous and innovative programme was developed by Professor Leon van Schaik at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. It is a programme tailored to run alongside, and help improve, participants' working practices, of whatever kind they may be, from teaching, arts practice, small practitioner to player in a major commercial office. The programme is structured by the twice-yearly Practice Research Symposium events, a series of crit-like sessions with other practitioners from around the world, which forms part of a new level of truly design-based teaching, debate, critical feedback and ideas for designers of all kinds. Westminster is a partner in the ADAPT-r European start up programme for this type of PhD, with Katharine Heron leading Westminster's involvement.

Professor Kester Rattenbury also contributes as external examiner and panelist on the RMIT programme, and has written about the programme on the following websites: