Research areas

Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

Eleni Frantziou’s research focuses on the application of fundamental rights to private parties in the European Union, with an emphasis on questions of equality and political inclusion. To date, her work has been supported by a number of awards, including a UCL Faculty of Laws Research Scholarship and a Yale-UCL Collaborative Bursary, while it has also appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as the Human Rights Law Review, the European Law Journal and the European Constitutional Law Review.

Eleni’s publications in this area include:

  • “The Horizontal Effect of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: Rediscovering the Reasons for Horizontality”, 21 European Law Journal (2015) p. 657.
  • “Further developments in the right to be forgotten”, 14 Human Rights Law Review (2014) p. 761.
  • “Case C-176/12 Association de Médiation Sociale v Hichem Laboubi – Some Reflections on the Horizontal Effect of the Charter and the Reach of Fundamental Employment Rights in the European Union”, 10 European Constitutional Law Review (2014) p. 332.

EU Criminal Law

Marloes Spreeuw is researching the principle of mutual recognition in EU criminal law. She is comparing how the mutual recognition functions internally within the European Union and how the EU prepares its future Member States qua conditionality based pre-accession policy.
Withdrawal from the European Union

Professor Adam Lazowski is researching the legal aspects of withdrawal from the European Union. He has published extensively in this area and delivered numerous conference papers. Most recently Professor Lazowski gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament.

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Prof. Lazowski’s publications on EU exit include:

  • “Withdrawal from the European Union and Alternatives to Membership”, 37 European Law Review (2012) p.523.
  • “EU Withdrawal: Good Business for British Business?”, 22 European Public Law (2016) p. 115.
  • “Be careful what you wish for: legal parameters of EU withdrawal”, in Carlos Closa (ed.), Troubled Membership: Dealing with Secession from a Member State and Withdrawal from the European Union, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2016
  • “Inside but out? United Kingdom and European Union”, in András Jakab and Dimitry Kochenov (eds), The Enforcement of EU Law. Methods against Member States’ Defiance, Oxford University Press 2016

Foreign investors rights during the economic crisis

Dr Glinavos is currently focusing on investment arbitrations in the European Periphery. The research investigates claims brought in investment treaty tribunals (such as ICSID) against countries in the European Periphery to protect measures taken as a response to economic crisis. The aim of this research is to map the impact of ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) provisions in bilateral and multilateral instruments on European nations in order to assess restrictions on sovereignty and impacts on the investment climate. The research so far has produced two analyses, one on actions against Greece for the Greek haircut on sovereign debt, and one on actions against Spain for changes to clean energy incentives. The next topic of investigation will be actions brought against Greece and the ECB for the effects of the provision of (or lack thereof) emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) to foreign owned banks.