Am I a sponsored student?

You are a sponsored student if some or all of your tuition fees and your living costs are being paid by one of the following:

  • An international company
  • A university
  • A United Kingdom independent school
  • The United Kingdom government
  • Your home government
  • The British Council
  • An international organisation

Only one of the above will be accepted as an official financial sponsor. Family members, non-international private companies and spouses are not considered official financial sponsors.

So if you do not have official financial sponsorship from one of the above you or your parents will have to show that you/they are able to support you and pay your fees. Please see Maintenance and fees and the 28-day rule.

What Official Financial Sponsorship evidence is needed for a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa?

When making your Tier 4 Student visa application you will need to provide evidence of your official financial sponsorship. This will be in the form of a letter from your sponsor.

This letter should be on official letter-headed paper or the stationery of the organisation and must:

  • include your name
  • include the name and contact details of your financial sponsor
  • include the date of the letter
  • include the length of your sponsorship
  • include a statement that your official sponsor will cover all your fees and living costs
  • include the official stamp of the organisation

If you are currently being sponsored by a government or an international scholarship agency, or you have been sponsored by them within the last 12 months of the application, then your letter must confirm that your sponsor consents to your visa application.

My sponsor is only paying for some of my fees/living costs

If your official sponsorship only covers part of your fees and living costs, your sponsorship letter must mention the actual amount of money your sponsor is giving you.

You will also need to show proof that you have the rest of the money needed in your bank account for the required 28 days.

I am a scholarship student at the University – do I need to submit a letter?

If you will be receiving a University of Westminster scholarship then you will not need to provide the letter as long as your scholarship is described in your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies.