Essential visa information for Pre-sessional students

I have been accepted onto the pre-sessional course, what must I do next?

Once you have been accepted onto the Pre-sessional English language course, you will need to pay the Pre-sessional course fees and a deposit of £4,000 to secure your place on the course.

Do I need a visa to study on the Pre-sessional English language course?

The Pre-sessional courses for students starting a degree in September 2021 will be taught online so you will not need a Student visa for your Pre-sessional course.

If you are considering coming for a Pre-sessional course to start a degree in January 2022 then the Pre-sessional courses may have returned to in person teaching in which case you will need a CAS and a Student Visa. The information below describes the way you would normally apply for a Student Visa.

Apply for a CAS

You will need a CAS to apply for a Student Visa. Once you have paid your deposit you will be invited via email to apply for a CAS.

Can I apply for a Joint CAS to cover both my pre-sessional and main course of study?

It is sometimes possible to issue a CAS that will cover both your pre-sessional and main course of study, known as a joint CAS.

We will issue a joint CAS where you meet all the eligibility requirements for this. In some cases you may still need to apply for separate CASs for the pre-sessional and the main course.

To qualify for a joint CAS you need:

  • to be joining the 12-week or 7-week presessional course
  • hold an Unconditional offer for a place on the main course


  • to be joining the 12-week or 7-week presessional course
  • hold a Conditional offer for the main course, where the only condition relates to your English language level
  • have an UKVI-approved IELTS with a minimum score of CEFR B1 (4.5) in all four components
  • have completed your academic qualification and received the official certificate or final transcript (with translations if not in English)

If applying for a joint CAS, you will need to pay the full cost of the pre-sessional course as well as a £4,000 payment towards the first year fees of the main course.

Are there any exceptions to a Joint CAS?

You will NOT be eligible for a joint CAS if

  • you are joining the 15-week presessional
  • Your main course of study requires English language scores of CEFR C1 (7.0) or above.
  • You have not received your official certificate or final transcript

How much money must I have for my maintenance for my Pre-sessional visa?

This section is only relevant to you if you have been given a conditional offer for your degree course and must apply for a Student Visa for the Pre-sessional course then apply for an extension in the UK for your main course.

If you have received a joint CAS, please refer to the Financial Requirements and the 28-day rule page or contact Student Advice.

The CAS for your Pre-sessional course will say that all your course fees have been paid and will not list your £4,000 deposit for your main degree course.

The Home Office rules state that you must have enough money to cover your course fees and living costs while you are in the UK. Since you will have paid the fees for your Pre-sessional course in full, you will only need to have the money in place for your living costs.

You are required to have £1,334 for each month or part of a month that you will be studying on your Pre-sessional course towards your living costs.

This money can be in your account or in your parents’ bank account. If you are using your parents’ bank account, you will also need to submit your original birth certificate and a consent letter from your parent. If you have not paid your course fees in full, please contact Student Advice for guidance on how much money you are required to have.

Course duration Number of months and part months Amount of living costs per month Total required for your living costs
12-week Pre-sessional course 3* £1,334 £4,002
7-week Pre-sessional course 2* £1,334 £2,668

*We recommend that you show an additional month’s maintenance money.

The money for your living costs must be in your account for a consecutive period of 28 days and your financial evidence must meet the Home Office requirements.

If you have received a joint CAS, please refer to the Financial Requirements and the 28-day rule page or contact Student Advice.

For a joint CAS, you will need to provide financial evidence that meets the requirements for the main course as well as the pre-sessional course to the Visa Compliance team. This evidence will need to be approved before a joint CAS can be issued. You will therefore need to have evidence of funds in your account to meet the first-year course fees (excluding the £4,000 deposit paid) as well as maintenance funds of £12,006 at an earlier point than if you were applying for two separate CAS’s.

What documents will I need to submit in support of my Pre-sessional visa application?

You will need to submit the following documents in support of your Student visa application:


You must have been issued with a CAS before you can make your Student Visa application.

Evidence of your finances

Please see the Financial Requirements and the 28 days rule for full evidence that the Home Office will accept and for more information if you are relying on your parents' bank statements.

If you are being sponsored or have been sponsored in the past 12 months please read the Official Financial Sponsorship page.


If any of your documents are not in English you must provide a translation of the documents.

Original degree certificate or transcript

You must submit evidence of your qualifications as stated on your CAS.

Your original certificate must include: your name, title of award, date of award, and name of awarding institution.

Your original transcript must include: your name, name of the academic institution, course title, confirmation of award.

TB test certificate

Since the Pre-sessional course is less than 6 months long, it is unlikely that you will need a TB test for your Pre-sessional course, unless, you have a joint CAS.

Check on TB tests to see if you are a national from a country that requires a TB test.

Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

You will only have to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge if you have a joint CAS. You will have to pay £470 for each year of your course.

Check for more information about the IHS.

Please note that you will not be required to pay the IHS if you are just applying for the visa for your Pre-sessional course.

You will need private health insurance to cover the period of your pre-sessional course up to the date that your next Student Visa is issued by the UKVI. We suggest your private health insurance should cover the length of your pre-sessional course plus at least 3 months. You will not be asked for evidence of this for your Student Visa application.