As an international student, your first few weeks at the University can be confusing as there is a lot going on. You may not know where to get the answers to your questions.

Full degree international students

Full degree students who attend the International Student Welcome Programme will have a good opportunity to ask questions and gather information.

Study abroad and exchange students

Practical advice and information will be given during the orientation programmes for students studying on either the Exchange programme or Study Abroad programme.

Admissions help

The University has three Admissions Offices, which deal with applications to our courses. Contact your Admissions Office if you have any queries about the status of your application.

Registering with a doctor

If you are eligible for National Health Service (NHS) healthcare, it is important to register with a local doctor. Find out more about Registering with a doctor.

Registering with the police 

Nationals of certain countries are required to register with the police – check your visa to see whether you need to do so. You can find more information on the Police registration certificates page.

Other information

The British Council

Visit the British Council website for more information on international students’ experiences, study opportunities and arts, education and science in the capital.

UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)

UKCISA provides advice and information to international students in the UK on all aspects of the international student experience. Visit the UKCISA website for more information.

International Students House (ISH)

ISH offers information and advice to international students in London and organises events throughout the year.