Welcome to Westminster’s web page for its appointed agents.  We're committed to supporting our representatives both from the UK and in country, through our China and India based teams. Our global network of contracted representatives has a key role in our recruitment success and we strive to deliver the highest level of support to our contracted recruitment partners. Contact details of all our agents are given in the relevant Your country pages.

To help you advise students and find useful information on the University of Westminster website, this page provides links to key information you may need to obtain quickly. If you have any queries that are not detailed on these pages, please do get in touch with us.

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Many of our videos are available on our YouTube UoW playlist, International playlist, International Student Testimonials playlist or the Westminster Business School playlist. Below are some direct links to those you may find useful.


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Logo and images

Copies of our logo and Westminster images are available on request for use in joint promotional activity. Please contact us and we will be happy to share these with you.

Finance guidance for Westminster’s appointed Education Agents

Copies of our finance guidelines are sent to all key agent contacts in August each year. If you are an appointed agent and you need a copy, then please contact .

If you are assisting a student who has already applied to the University, please notify us within one month of their application being made. Alternatively, please ask the applicant to complete the Post-Application Authorisation Form so that we can identify that the applicant is linked to your agency:

Code of conduct

Westminster has a well-established Agent Policy regarding the selection and management of our education agent network:

We work closely with the British Council to ensure that we follow key guidance and adhere to the London Statement on best practice and to support our agents to access British Council training.

We have been working in partnership with education agents for over 20 years. We endeavour, at all times, to work together with our appointed agents to provide high-quality customer service, ensuring accurate and professional advice is provided to all stakeholders. If for any reason, these high standards are not met, then either party may seek to terminate the partnership.

All applications received, whether via an appointed agent or a non-appointed agent will be subject to our standard admissions policies. Those sent via a non-appointed agent will be treated as a direct application and will not be eligible for commission.

Please note that we are not seeking to expand our existing agent network and are unable to take forward any new proposals at this time.