All overseas applicants must pay a minimum deposit of £4000 before the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) can be issued. However, you can pay any amount above this. If you choose to pay your tuition fees in full before your visa appointment then you must pay the total fee due as written on your CAS confirmation email or offer email.

The quickest way to pay the deposit is by credit or debit card through our applicant portal.

If you are unable to pay by credit or debit card then you can pay in a number of different ways, including by bank transfer. See the paying your fees page.

On receipt of the full deposit, the University will register the applicant with the UK Visas and Immigration Department (UKVI). The student will then receive a unique CAS reference number, to be used when applying for the visa.

The deposit will only be refunded if one of the following applies:

  • the visa application is refused
  • the course is cancelled and a satisfactory alternative cannot be found
  • the student is not eligible for the course because of non-achievement of required grades.
  • you decide to withdraw from your course within 14 calendar days of enrolment

A student in receipt of a scholarship for less than 50% of fees will still be required to pay the deposit. The deposit remains payable if the student is sponsored by a company (apart from the Saudi Government) or a family member.

International student applicants are not required to pay a deposit if they:

  • are applying for study abroad pre-sessional programme where the whole course fee must be paid before a CAS is issued.
  • are sponsored by another sponsor on the University approved list
  • have been awarded a full fee waiver from the University of Westminster
  • have received a scholarship from the University of Westminster which covers more than 50% of their tuition fee
  • are in receipt of a US or Canadian Loan
  • are confirmed as being sponsored by the Saudi Government. The current process is that on receipt of an offer from Westminster, the sponsorship Letter of Financial Guarantee from the Saudi Government should be sent to by email to and [email protected].