15% of the annual fee will be charged for 2017/18 for all students taking a year out or on a full year exchange. This fee is applicable to students who are on a compulsory year out, be that for work placement or a period of study at another institution.

For students that only take one semester out, instead of a year, you will be charged the appropriate fee for the semester you are in attendance and 15% of the appropriate fee for the other semester.

Erasmus students on a year long exchange will be charged 15% of the annual fee in 2017/18.

Erasmus students who study abroad for one semester will be charged the full standard tuition fee for your course.

Students who must study abroad as a part of their course and are required to pay their host institution are an exception. Please contact your Faculty Outward Mobility Officer for further information.

For full information on fees for both undergraduate and postgraduate students please visit the fee page.