If you have any questions about your fee status, which are not answered below, or are having financial difficulties and need guidance, get in touch with our student advisers.

If you have any additional queries about paying your fees, contact your local finance office.

Fee status

When you have a course offer, the Admissions Office will assess your fee status. To do this, they may ask you to complete a fee assessment form, which is usually sent to you with the course offer letter.

If you're unsure whether your fee status has been assessed correctly, get in touch with student advice.

Your fee status is assessed before the start of the course and normally remains the same for the duration of the course. However, in certain circumstances, fee status can change part-way through a course.

For example, if you are granted refugee status in the UK during your course or you become a family member of an EU national, your fee status may change from international to home status.

If you qualify for a change in fee status part-way through your course, you will not normally be charged home fees until the beginning of the next academic year.

You will always pay the tuition fee which relates to your year of entry, not your year of application. If you have chosen to defer your place until the next academic year, your tuition fees will be in line with that entry point.

Detailed information about the qualifying rules for Home fee status can be found on the UKCISA website.

If you would like to discuss your fee status or you have been paying international fees and believe you may now qualify for Home fees, contact student advice.

Fee payments

The easiest way is to pay online.

However, you can also make payments at your enrolment session or at one of our cashier's offices, based at the Cavendish, Marylebone and Harrow Campuses.

Visit our Paying your fees page for full details on payment methods.

To find out how much you owe, log in to SRSWeb.

We encourage you to manage your finances online. We will also send an invoice and statement to your University email address.

Only certain students with a personal fee liability of over £2,000 will be able to pay by instalments.

Visit our Paying your fees page for full details.

If you have a current email address the University will email you a copy of your receipt once your bank transfer has been received. Please bring a copy of your bank transfer document with you to enrolment. This will allow us to trace your payment.

Note that bank transfers can take up to 14 days to clear.

Fee payment receipts

In the first instance, you should send an email to your local Finance Office, with 'Refund' and your student number in the subject of the email.

The refund will be made directly to the third party.

Fee statements

We send out fee statements to all students with an outstanding balance, but this does not necessarily mean that the fee is due for payment – the statement is not a demand for money.

Contact the local Finance Office by phone or email, using the contact details on the statement, or visit the office during their advertised opening hours.

You should treat the statement as a reminder to pay on or before the agreed date(s). There is no need to contact the Finance Office in this case.

You can pay online, at your local Finance Office or by bank transfer, though bank transfers take 3 working days or so to reach your student account.

It's really important to pay your fees when they are due, as you will otherwise lose access to University buildings and facilities.

You will need to provide your local Finance Office with a letter from your employer as soon as possible, confirming that they are sponsoring you and the amount that they are willing to pay.

The letter must be on headed paper and signed by a properly authorised person.

When we have received this letter, we will be able to invoice your employer.

This shows that we have invoiced your employer, but they have not yet paid.

We will remind your employer that this fee is due and if they fail to pay within a reasonable time, the debt will transfer back to you.

You do not need to contact the Finance Office about this, but we recommend that you check with your employer that they have the matter in hand.

Contact your local Finance Office as soon as possible (see the statement for contact details), so that they can search for the missing payment.

Note that there is often a time lag when paying by bank transfer between your bank sending the payment and it reaching your student account. Online payments usually appear on the following day.

Please visit our Suspending or withdrawing webpage for full details.

Note that withdrawing from your studies will have an effect on your student funding and, for international students, your visa.

Government loans

You need to have an approved student finance application for the university to register you with the SLC, possible reasons that can delay your maintenance loan include:

  • You did not include your student support number when you enrolled online
  • You have not been enrolled with the university
  • You have not signed and retuned the declaration letter back to Student Finance
  • You have not supplied your National Insurance Number to the Student Loans Company
  • You have not supplied the correct bank details on your form.

In order for the Student Loans Company to pay your tuition fee loan directly to the university you need to have an approved student finance application, this will allow the university to confirm your attendance for the Student Loans Company to make payment of your tuition fee loan.

Reasons that can delay your tuition fee loan include:

  • You have not signed and retuned the declaration letter back to Student Finance

  • You have not supplied your National Insurance Number to the Student Loans Company

  • Your National Insurance Number has not been verified by the Student Loans Company and HM Revenue & Customs

  • You may have previous study (please see Previous studies section)

Student Loans are released within 5 working days once you have been fully enrolled (if you have not yet been fully enrolled please contact your Faculty registry office).

If you haven’t received it by then please contact our student funding office:

Please have your student support number ready – This can be found on your payment schedule from the Student Loan Company.

If you intentionally apply for a lower amount, you will need to pay the balance of the fees yourself.

If you have made an error on your application, or you wish to increase your tuition fee loan you can do one of the following actions.

When you applied for student finance you were asked a question 'Do you want us to automatically adjust your Tuition Fee Loan to match any tuition fee changes?'

  • If you answered 'Yes, automatically adjust my Tuition Fee Loan' then ask your finance office or registry office to submit a “change of circumstance” on your behalf and this will automatically adjust your course fee and tuition fee loan.
  • If you answered 'No, I’ll make the adjustments' then you will have to make the changes yourself by logging into your student finance account or calling student finance directly

Visit the Student Finance website