Applications for our September 2021 scholarships will open at the end of February.


What our students say

I had a great student experience at the University of Westminster. I did my BA here and I have returned to do my MA too. The Scholarships Programme has definitely helped me pursue a MA, but the volunteering experience has also been very valuable.

Alexandra-Teona Kulpinsky
MA Human Resource Management
Half Fee Scholarship 2017

One of the reasons that made me apply for the University of Westminster is its remarkable support to foreign students. Studying at the University of Westminster was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I learned a lot in the Masters in International Relations and Security and could not be more grateful for this opportunity.

Juliana Da Silva Nogueira
MA International Relations and Security
Full Scholarship 2017

My student experience was very nice and unique. Westminster is a great school and I have enjoyed the friends I did make from my program. The Scholarships program did help me financially, as well as helping me give back by volunteering which I enjoyed.

Dilruba Rahman
MA Human Resource Management
Part Fee Award 2017
United States of America

One of the most crucial elements of studying abroad is gaining more international connections from all over the world. Studying is not the only way you can get experience, so I enrolled to be a Westminster Ambassador and got involved with many exciting charities.

The scholarships programme has helped me to obtain a degree, and there are now lots of opportunities where I can use my knowledge to help public sectors in my country.