We accept payment in a number of different ways. Please select from the following options:

International students can pay their fees using the University of Westminster’s payments platform powered by our partner Western Union Business Solutions. This allows you, your parents and sponsors to pay GBP student fees in the currency of your choice and provides you with a simple and secure way to initiate a payment.

Benefits of GlobalPay for Students:

  • Intuitive, mobile friendly interface for a seamless payment experience
  • pay international fees by bank transfer or online e-wallet
  • convenient payment methods including AliPay, Ten Pay, UnionPay, Trustly, Sofort, etc.
  • no transaction charges from (University of Westminster) or Western Union Business Solutions
  • favourable exchange rates compared to most banks
  • track your payment step by step
  • peace of mind that your full payment received by (University of Westminster)
  • customer support service to help you in every step

How it works

Simply select the country you are paying from, what are you paying and your preferred method of payment. Enter your student details, following the payer details. Get your payment instructions and make your payment. You can track your payment status through every step.

Make your payment.

Alternatively you can make a direct bank transfer from your own account, please make sure you quote your name and student ID number, using the following:

Swift: NWBK GB 2L
IBAN: GB95 NWBK 5600 3348 3035 42

Paying online by Credit/debit card

You can pay your fees online by credit or debit card after you have completed online pre-enrolment (please note we do not accept Amex, Visa Electron or Diners Club).

We now offer Dynamic Currency Conversion whereby international Visa and MasterCard card users can choose to pay in their home currency. The Pay in your Home Currency facility is provided by FEXCO and benefits from a Best Rate Guarantee Programme. Find out more about the service.

Log in to pay online.

Your 8 digit student ID number and date of birth are mandatory requirements to pay online.

If you are a current applicant and have not yet completed online pre-enrolment, the quickest way to pay is by credit or debit card through our Applicant Portal.

You can pay your fees online by PayPal after you have completed the online pre-enrolment. This service is available to all students and allows you, your parents and sponsors to pay your fees. Log in to pay online.

Your 8 digit student ID number and date of birth are mandatory requirements to pay online.

You can pay your fees by bank transfer directly into our bank account. Please make sure all related bank charges are also paid, so that the University receives the full tuition fee due.

When making a transfer, you must include your student ID number followed by FEES and Surname. For example: 12345678-Fees-Smith.

To make a bank transfer, please use the following University bank details:

Bank holder name: University of Westminster
Bank name and address: NatWest Bank PLC, PO Box 3038, 57 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0HN
Sort Code: 56-00-33
Account No: 48303542

If you are used to paying by IBAN or Swift you should now pay using WU at no extra cost.

It is important to retain proof of payment (e.g. a receipt or bank account statement) as you will need to present this at enrolment.

You can now pay by calling into our automated telephone system on +44 (0) 20 7915 5404. You will need your 8 digit student ID and name of faculty to make payment.

Alternatively you can also call into our finance offices on +44 (0) 20 7911 5045 if you need any assistance and to continue making payment.

Paying by cash

Please pay cash (GBP only) at your local Natwest Bank branch.

When paying please ensure you quote your student ID number and obtain a receipt; you will also need to take your Student ID card and passport with you.

Please note: cash payments for tuition fees will not be accepted by the local finance offices students are advised to make such payments as indicated above.

Nearest Natwest bank branches:

  • Cavendish Campus – 125 Great Portland Street
  • Harrow Campus – 315 Station Road
  • Marylebone Campus – 69 Baker Street

Account name: University of Westminster
Sort Code: 56-00-33
Account No:48303542

Paying by Cheque/banker's draft

Your cheque/banker’s draft (GBP, USD, EUR) should be made payable to “University of Westminster”.

Please do not forget to write your student/applicant ID number and name on the back of the cheque so that we can assign the payment to your student account.

Completed cheques can be posted or handed directly to your faculty finance office:

Marylebone Finance Office
The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, and Westminster Business School

35 Marylebone Road
London NW1 5LS

Cavendish Finance Office
The Faculty of Science and Technology, Westminster Law School, and Social Sciences and Humanities

115 New Cavendish Street
London W1W 6UW

Harrow Finance Office
Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design

Watford Road
Northwick Park
Middlesex HA1 3TP

Note: When paying by cheque please ensure you allow plenty time for your payment to clear.

Student Loans Company

You must apply (or re-apply for continuing students) for your Tuition Fee Loan/Maintenance Loan for each year of your course. It is important to apply early to allow the Student Loans Company (SLC) to assess your student support application and ensure that your finances are in place before term starts in September.

When making arrangements for your tuition fees and maintenance loan to be paid it is important to ensure you have completed the following steps:

  1. You must have a valid National Insurance number that has been validated by the SLC and Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).
  2. You must sign and return to the SLC your declaration that came with your student support notification entitlement letter.
  3. You must be complete full enrolment at the University of Westminster to allow your registration to be confirmed to the SLC.

Once we have confirmed your enrolment to the SLC you should expect your loan to be paid into your account within 3 to 5 working days, providing all the steps have been completed correctly.

If you have any questions in relation to your maintenance loan or registration contact the Student Funding Office on:

Please note: The Student Loans Company reserves the right the withdraw student support at any time should a student’s circumstances change and a student becomes ineligible for support, in such cases students will be liable for any unpaid tuition fees.


If your fees will be paid by a Sponsor please bring your sponsor letter with you to enrolment, so your faculty finance office can process your payment and invoice your Sponsor as soon as possible.

Please note: a new sponsor letter is required each academic year.

Sponsor letters should be submitted on company headed paper stating the exact amount or percentage of your tuition fees the organisation wishes to pay. The letter must also include:

  • your name
  • course details
  • contact details of authorising person within the organisation
  • valid purchase order number (if applicable)

Please make sure that the letter is signed by the relevant authorising manager from within the sponsor organisation.

Invoices will be sent out after enrolment. If you want to have your invoice sent earlier than this please email the Finance Offices a scanned copy of the Sponsor letter before enrolment, but please bring a copy with you as well.

Once the invoice is sent to your organisation, they will have 30 days to pay the invoice.

Students who are sponsored by their employer do not have the option to pay by instalments.

Please note: In the event that your sponsor fails to pay your tuition fees, you will become personally liable to pay these fees. So, you must make sure that your sponsor is aware that tuition fees are due for payment within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

Students who are funding their tuition fees using a Career Development Loan should be aware that if the loan does not cover the full tuition fees charged by the University of Westminster for the academic year, you will be required to pay the amount not covered by the Career Development Loan prior or during the enrolment period.

Please send confirmation by logging a ticket or with you to your enrolment date.

English and Welsh Students

If you wish to apply for the Postgraduate Loan of up to £10,280.00 you will need to ensure that you send a copy of your Postgraduate Loan Summary agreement (confirmation and dates payments will be received) by logging a ticket with our service desk. 

The university expects you to make payment of 33% of your fees at enrolment, a second payment of 33% 4 months after your course start date and the final payment 7 months after your course start date.

  • September starters: 1st payment course start date, 2nd payment by the beginning of February, 3rd payment by the beginning of May.
  • January starters: 1st payment course start date, 2nd payment by the beginning of June, 3rd payment by the beginning of September.

Please note: that Student Finance will pay the PG loan to yourself, so when paying your tuition fees to the University of Westminster you will be classified as a self-funded student.

Find out more about the Postgraduate Loan.

Scottish Students

A postgraduate tuition fee loan of up to £5,500 is available, which is payable directly to the University.

Eligibility will depend on whether the course or similar is not available in Scotland.

Northern Irish Students

A postgraduate tuition fee loan of up to £5,500 is available which is payable directly to the university, payment of the loan will be made in three instalments of 25%, 25% and 50%.

If your course is longer than 1 year the loan will be capped over the duration of the course:

  • 1 year course – £5,500.00
  • 2 year course – £2,750.00 per year
  • 3 year course – £1,833.00 per year

Before making your application for a loan please check with your registry office as to whether your course details have been added to the Student Loans Company's course database as you will not be able to apply for the Postgraduate tuition fee loan if the course details have not been added.

All students

If you hold a Bachelor’s degree with honours from the University of Westminster you will be entitled to a 15% Alumni Discount on our full and part time Masters courses, the discount does not apply for the March (RIBA part 2) and RIBA (III) Professional Practice in Architecture.

For further information please contact our Courses Enquires Team [email protected].

Paying by instalments

For students who do not wish to pay their fees in full we also offer the option to pay by instalments.

Instalment plans are available to all non-Student Loans Company funded students (with the exception of Study Abroad students and students who are being externally sponsored), where you have a personal tuition fee liability of £2,000 or more.

Entering into a payment plan is simple. By paying the required 50% minimum towards your tuition fees at or shortly after enrolment, you will automatically be deemed as paying by instalments. The dates and percentages for payment are listed below.

You can make as many payments as you like within the instalment dates, but must ensure the university has received the (75% & 100%) total fees by the dates listed.

Students starting in September

  • 50% at enrolment
  • 25% by 1 December
  • Final 25% by 31 January

Students starting in January

  • 50% at enrolment
  • 25% by 31 March
  • Final 25% by 30 April

Note: At the point of enrolment, as part of the University’s Enrolment and Financial Declaration, you are confirming that you are aware of the scale of fees and charges and you have the ability to pay.

If you are experiencing difficulties

If you are experiencing difficulties or you have a query you may find answer on our FAQ page, or you can log a ticket with our teams.

To log a ticket you must have your university log in username and password. You can log a ticket at any time and we will respond to you within 5 working days.

The Business Services Team

The Business Services Team are responsible for general finance related queries and student refunds, to contact the team:

Alternatively, you can contact the business services team on + 44 (0)20 7911 5045 or in person at the Finance Offices from 11am – 2pm Monday to Friday.

The Credit Control Team

The Credit Control Team are responsible for the collection of tuition fee payments from Students, Sponsors and the Student Loans Company. If you experience difficulty in paying your tuition fees you should contact the team: 

Alternatively, you can contact the business services team on tel: + 44 (0) 203 506 6993

Fee liability and refunds if withdrawing from studies

For information about withdrawing from studies and what this means for your fees, please visit our suspending and withdrawing webpage where you will find full details.