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Undergraduate tuition fees are regulated by the UK Government. The University of Westminster, in meeting the expectations of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), is able to charge the Higher Fee Rate of £9,250 a year for all new students.

The £9,250 tuition applies to students who started from September 2017 and does not affect students who entered before that time who will continue to pay £9,000 a year for the duration of their studies.

Calculating entire course fees from module fees

Many of our part-time course pages list tuition fees by their 20 credit module price to allow applicants to see how much each module costs. Please use the following information to calculate the whole course fee from the 20 credit module.

Award Credits
Foundation Certificate  120
FdA 120
FdSc 120
Grad Dip 120
Cert Ed (Diploma in Teaching in Lifelong Learning Sector (DTTLS)) 120
Postgraduate Diploma 120
Postgraduate Certificate  120
Grad Dip in Law 160
LLM 180
MA 180
MArch 180
MSc 180
MRes 180
MBA 180
MMus 180
Masters in Fine Art 240
BA (Hons) 360
BSc (Hons) 360
BEng (Hons) 360
BMus (Hons) 360
LLB (Hons) 360
MEng 360
MLaw 360
BSc (Hons) with Foundation Year 480
BEng (Hons) with Foundation Year 480

General information on variation of fees for all students

From September 2019, the University of Westminster operates a policy of one fee for the duration of studies. We will not increase fees for students starting in September 2019 once enrolled, meaning the fee you arrive on is the same fee you will pay for the standard duration of studies.

If for any reason you are unable to complete your studies in the standard timeframe and are required to re-enrol for a further period, your fees will be charged at the same rate as the current year, which may be higher.

Please note: Tuition fees for continuing students who joined the University before September 2019, paying the lower fee, will continue to increase in line with the RPI inflation rate.