1. Changes

1.1 It may occasionally be necessary for the University to make changes to courses as advertised in the prospectus or on the University and UCAS websites. Changes are made to improve the students’ experience, ensure that all modules taught are as up to date as possible and to allow students to achieve their full potential in terms of knowledge, transferable skills and employability.

1.2 In most cases, changes are minor. However, any substantial changes will be notified to applicants with a full explanation of the changes.

2. Course changes

2.1 Should applicants wish to decline an offer, or join an alternative course, they will be allowed to make a substitution choice through UCAS.

3. Course closure

3.1 In normal circumstances courses will only be closed if absolutely necessary and the University has no alternative course of action. As with course changes, the University will make every effort to move students to another suitable course. However, this may not always be possible.

3.2 If an applicant has accepted an offer and the University cannot offer a suitable alternative, every effort will be made to assist students to transfer to a course in another university.

4. University closure

4.1 The University will endeavour to remain open and functioning as normal to the best of its ability. In certain circumstances, the University may be forced to close some or part of or all of its buildings or campuses and/or to interrupt or suspend the delivery of some or all of its services and courses. In circumstances where such closure or disruption is due to unforeseen events or those outside of the University’s control such as events which pose a threat to public or national health or safety, acts or threats of terrorism or war, extreme weather events, natural disasters, large scale public disturbances and mass action, the University cannot be held legally responsible or contractually liable to its staff and students for any resulting consequences.

4.2 Where at all possible, the University will take all reasonable steps necessary to minimise the disruption to its staff and students. However, given that the safety of the University’s staff and students will always be its primary concern, this may not always be possible.