Transferring academic credits

You must verify how many credits your home institution expects you to receive while on exchange and that the modules you choose are transferable to your degree course.

Most one-semester modules at Westminster are worth 15 UK Credits. Students at Westminster usually take four modules per semester, or the equivalent of 120 UK credits per academic year.

Credit transfer for European students

ECTS, the European Credit Transfer System, was developed to provide common procedures to guarantee academic recognition of studies abroad. It provides a way of measuring and comparing academic merits and transferring them from one institution to another. Your ECTS Learning Agreement is the contract between you, your home institution and the University of Westminster about what you can study while on exchange.

Workload Westminster credits Equivalent ECTS credits
Academic year 120 credits (8 modules)* 60 credits
One semester 60 credits (4 modules) 30 credits
One module 15 credits 7.5 ECTS credits

Credit transfer for students from outside Europe

Please check with your home institution how Westminster credits will transfer to your home degree.

Please note: if you require a student visa to study in the UK you must take a minimum of 52.5 UK credits per semester (normally four modules) to comply with immigration regulations. It is not possible to take more than four classes, which is a full course load.

University of Westminster Transcripts

  • At the end of your exchange period your marks (grades) are confirmed by both internal and external assessors and a transcript (record) of your results will be sent to either your home address or your home university (depending on the partnership arrangements in place).
  • Your transcript is issued by the Faculty Registry your exchange is associated with (there is one at each University campus which is responsible for the administration for any Faculties located there).
  • Marks on your transcript will appear as percentages (the University of Westminster marking system) and may need to be converted for credit transfer to your home institution.
  • The pass mark for all undergraduate modules is 40%. The pass marks at the University of Westminster range between 40% and 70% with some classes requiring a minimum pass mark (40%) in each element of assessment. Only a small proportion of students ever achieve over 70%. You may wish to bring this to the attention of your home institution when discussing credit transfer.
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