WWC Archives is a library of recorded content from past Westminster Working Cultures programmes. We are pleased to share recordings of a range of sessions featuring diverse speakers from a variety of industries, sectors and countries.

Through each session, students can learn about a variety of professional journeys open to them, understand the speakers’ career motivations, and their key insights into the professional landscape and working cultures.

Listed below are summaries of each recorded session from our WWC programmes.

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September 2020 sessions

Joined by Westminster’s Career Mentoring team, our students learnt how to access Westminster’s diverse and global community of mentors and the key benefits of having a mentor relationship on their personal and professional development.

Our students said:

"The information on the Career Mentoring scheme was beneficial and I will make sure to start preparing my career journey as I know where to start now. Due to COVID, I began feeling very unmotivated due to all the uncertainties, but this has given me a sense of direction."

"The Career Mentoring session guided me as to where I could ask for help in terms of my career. I learnt that people are always more than happy to help and it is something I need to consider in my daily life."

Dan Figueiredo (Cognitive Science BSc, 2002) shared his varied and interesting career path up until his role as Senior Partner CTO at Microsoft, highlighting the lessons he learnt from taking on new roles within a constantly changing and evolving field of work. Dan introduced a range of colleagues who spoke to their experiences at Microsoft and our students learnt about Microsoft’s company culture and values, preparing for an interview at a large corporation, the importance of never giving up and so much more.

Our students said:

"I was inspired by the experience and perspective of the Microsoft Team. These speakers reminded me to focus on my own path rather than paying too much attention to others. Listening to their inspiring words gave me the confidence boost I need right now."

"Today's session has left me feeling empowered and more positive about myself and the future. The speakers all very positively talked about Microsoft and how it is a great organisation that empowers and pushes individuals to be a better version of themselves and allow each and everyone of them to flourish in their roles. This session really helped me to visualise the type of organisation I would love to be a part of with the cultures and values I relate to."

Lorenzo described his varied background, combining his creative and artistic expression from 15 years in the arts industry, to his current role within accounting, finance and academia. Lorenzo emphasised the advantages of changing paths and seeking new opportunities and shared the habits that have helped progress and advance in his career.

Our students said:

"I was extremely exhilarated by Lorenzo's session. Not only am I interested in pursuing a career in finance and business similar to him, but I was also very touched by his character and disposition. Lorenzo was very reassuring and I felt that his session left me feeling good spirited and excited for future changes and opportunities of growth."

"My favourite speaker was Lorenzo Evans. He communicated in a very comforting, calm and genuine way. Even though he is a very established and successful academic, he spoke in a way that empowered me with inspiration and motivation. I very much admire him as he explained his journey and how, at some point, he chose to change the path. I believe for such an action, you have to have great courage, and I wish to have such courage in myself."

Our panel featured Dr Pinar Uysal Onganer, Senior Lecturer at University of Westminster, with Westminster Biomedical Sciences alumni; Inês Lua Freitas, Research Fellow at i3S, and Syanas Yasmen Radzali, Co-Founder of FeuilleOrganix

Our panellists demonstrated the steps they have taken to build their careers and projects, highlighting the significance of having perseverance and vision, and showed our students how to talk about their strengths and become empowered within their work.

Our students said:

"The day ended with an excellent talk given by a panel of extremely empowered women in the Biomedical Sciences industry headed by Dr. Pinar Uysal Onganer, she talked about her experiences. I was inspired by her because she never stopped dreaming and how even with so much responsibility, she was never afraid to take on a new challenge. Extremely vital teaching I took away was that I am my own competition and I should compare where I am now and where I wish to be my future."

"I feel that I regularly have impostor syndrome and what resonated with me the most from the Life Sciences talk with Dr Pinar was to focus on your strengths and not the excuses. I truly do believe that if you put yourself out there, there's so much to gain from experience, but it's definitely about taking those steps and at times it can be quite hard but you have to believe in yourself."

Kait (Multimedia Journalism – Broadcast MA, 2016) took us on a journey through her varied and interesting career, with her highlights of working at an internet company in the midst of the .com boom and poaching staff from Pret to make coffee for her colleagues, to choosing menus for a restaurant in SW London, to finally becoming a presenter. Kait showed the value of gaining an education, no matter what age you are, and offered her top tips on adaptability, communication, and maintaining her confidence within a male-dominated industry.

Our students said:

"Kait really taught me to take opportunities even though they may not be related to the end goal, because she saw it as a way to give experience and that we are meant to learn from different departments and areas to become more aware. This inspired me a lot because I have struggled with questioning what I want to be in the future but I can't see in 10, 20 years ahead of my life and it seemed rather far. Kait has definitely reminded me to take smaller steps as I go along."

"I loved learning about Journalism from Kait today. She gave an immensely realistic and genuine insight into the industry. I loved how she was open about it and how approachable and positive she was as a person. That really inspired me to be a better person."

Liam showed us how he stays motivated to become the best ‘leader of leaders of leaders’ within his business. He shared his commitment to growth and his four lessons to be successful, not just in business, but in life. This two-hour session encouraged our students to be confident in building and maintaining their professional relationships, managing their disappointment productively, and progressing towards a worthy goal.

Our students said:

"I was very impressed by Liam’s attitude and values. He shared so many amazing insights but what particularly stood out for me was his emphasis on putting others first and looking through their lens. The care and effort he puts into his interactions and work really inspired me and showed me the importance of building relationships, no matter the situation. His insights added to my personal development because he was able to offer advice I may have heard before, but he said it in such a nuanced, genuine way."

"Wednesday was definitely my favourite day of this week, mainly because of Liam Healy from Diligent. He showed up to be a truly honest, transparent and humble man that really spoke to me and my ideals of work."

In this session, with contributions from our student audience, Shiela and Paul covered what it means to be an entrepreneur, the importance of innovative thinking, and helped our students to discover how to work freelance with the University of Westminster’s support.

Our students said:

"Having already been studying at Westminster for a year, I was unaware of the many services provided to students such as the Creative Enterprise Centre. Knowing that I am able to learn more about business, tax, marketing and branding as well as accessing a job board where I can look for jobs is very useful. I am looking forward to getting myself involved and preparing myself for the future."

"The enterprise session was so informative, it really boosted my confidence and made me feel secure as I got to know that I can gain so much support from the University for my upcoming career."

The Howard de Walden Estate gave our students unique insight into the London commercial property market and their response to a changing market due to COVID-19, alongside each colleague explaining their route to their current profession, relaying the essential advice, guidance and the hard lessons they learned along the way.

Our students said:

"The collection of journeys of all the colleagues and the tips they gave were life changing. The most important skill that I learnt today was commercial awareness - the ability to understand what makes a business successful - which is one of the key attributes cited by many employers as being essential to employability."

"I was impressed by the speakers’ interpersonal skills; they were confident, friendly and professional. However, I was struck when three of them stated that confidence had been an issue for them and one lady saying she could probably write a book on imposter syndrome! This was important for me because I often struggle with my confidence and feeling like I do not belong. Hearing these stories reassured me and motivated me to always put my best into what I do."

Javier (Applied Social Research Masters, 1995) shared his advice from a long, unique, and international career trajectory, from his origin coming from a fishing family in Northern Spain, to building a life in both Shanghai and London as Senior Director at Ipsos. He relayed the importance of deciding what not to do, taking risks and making it work, remaining humble, and more.

Our students said:

"Javier taught me to spend time learning international cultures. This is important as, now more than ever, we live in a global era where making business and trading agreements with other countries are essential to businesses thrive in such a competitive environment. Therefore, learning those cultures could make those same negotiations and deals easier."

"Javier Calver's session was one of my favourites of the week. It was very calm and collected. The different breakdowns of lessons he had shared must have been constructed over time with much trial and error. Every bit of that session was very much important to me but the advice he shared on being calm during a disaster will be really beneficial to me in any circumstances. I was very glad to have "met" such a person and will definitely apply all the messages and points he had to give."

Mo (Manpower Studies MA, 1993) shared the advice that has helped her in her professional career, in becoming the person she is today and achieving her success as an entrepreneur and leader. She highlighted the cornerstones of her thinking and planning that have guided her through changing her career at age 40 and establishing her own media company.

Our students said:

“Next, we had a short talk with Mo Abudu who took time off her birthday to speak with us and I am grateful that she did since she too provided us with great advice. During her speech, she made reference to two types of characters, the dream killers and the dream makers, both important to perfect our projects. Mo Abudu’s speech was very impactful.”

“I adored Mo Abudu as she came showing so much personality, strength and confidence. ‘If it doesn't scare you the dream isn't big enough.”

Joined by three Westminster alumni, all of whom participated in the 2018 WWC trip to Washington DC, our students heard the experience of transitioning from student to a new graduate in the working world. Our panel offered guidance on personal development, interview skills, and practical advice on how to increase your employability while studying at Westminster.
The panel included: Sam Badcock, Media Account Executive at Bilendi (Marketing Communications BA, 2020), Victory Ayoka Fasaye, Owner at AVF Homes (Television Production BA, 2020), and Egle Lusciauskaite, Communications Manager, Brazzi Studios (Public Relations and Advertising BA, 2019).

Our students said:

"It was really helpful to hear the experiences of these graduates, especially because they had all participated in WWC in previous years. It highlighted the importance of being able to talk about the extra curricular activities I’ve participated in at University and what impact these activities had on me.  Sam also emphasised the importance of being internationally employable. This is something I had never considered before. It was great to meet the graduates and it helped me consider my goals for after university and what actions I can take now to meet those goals."

"The Recent Graduate panel emphasised the importance of having certain skills and attributes that differentiate you from other candidates when applying for jobs. Their stories and their perspectives from also attending a Westminster Working Cultures programme and the skills they have learnt from it really helped me with my personal development when it comes to my own skills and attributes."

WWC Professional Sessions

Communications graduate and Director of Public Policy at Twitter, Mahima Kaul, Marketing Communications MA graduate and Co-Founder and Director at Nectwork, Jigar Mehta, Media Studies, Film and TV Production graduate and CEO at Quidich Innovation Labs, Rahat Kulshreshtha, and Computing graduate and Solutions Architect at Accenture, Rajat Singh, shared their invaluable experience with our students and recent graduates from India.

Highlights from the speakers included tips on navigating the local economy and each individual industry, the importance of leveraging networks, and utilising both those made as a student as well as connecting with the Westminster alumni community in India. They also spoke about nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit whilst a student and to not be afraid of showcasing achievements when job searching in India.

Our students said:

"The event was so inspiring and insightful, and I loved meeting Westminster alumni, living and working in my home country. I have learned so many pro tips and life lessons. Sometimes little advice from someone who has strived hard and made their own way to success can have a huge impact and can be life-changing. My biggest takeaways were to always trust your instincts, you don’t know what’s coming in the next five years from now! Take opportunities as they come and try to make the most out of them. Also, keep yourself informed about the behaviour of your own sector and always remember that even the longest journey starts with a single step! I am absolutely honoured to be a part of such an intellectual group."

Westminster Working Cultures is part of the University of Westminster’s business engagement activities and aligns with the University’s vision to redevelop 29 Marylebone Road into an inclusive centre for enterprise and innovation. Working with our local partners, 29 Marylebone Road will be a place for students and alumni to work with business to develop and apply their skills, whilst also supporting a wider community of entrepreneurs and businesses.

The event welcomed a panel of three speakers, including:

  • Information Systems BSc IIT graduate and Senior Account Manager at Yenlo Eshara Fonseka 
  • Software Engineering BEng IIT graduate and Senior eCommerce Consultant at Sana Commerce Eshanka Kodituwakku
  • International Business BA graduate from the University of Westminster and Senior Associate at Stax Inc Siraj Mashood

The panellists shared an array of practical advice and insights on how to confidently navigate the Sri Lankan labour market with a university degree.

Highlights included some of the ways in which holding a degree from the University of Westminster and IIT has set them apart from other graduates, how to put the best foot forward in the new world of home working and the importance of building a strong online presence and personal brand in today’s virtual world.