An exchange allows students to spend a semester or year with a partner institution, or a semester or year working within an organisation around the world.

Most exchange partnerships are for undergraduate study although some degrees allow for work placements too. For postgraduate study you will need to contact the Student Mobility Team to discuss your options and eligibility for exchange.

You can take part in an exchange any time after the first year of your course, although the exact timing will depend on the structure of your degree and the arrangements your college has with its partners. At this moment in time, you cannot take part in a semester or year abroad in your final year of study.

Where can you go on Exchange?

All colleges at Westminster have a number of agreements for student mobility. The institution to which you go on exchange will depend on what you are studying at the moment.

If the institution is in Europe, then you may be eligible to receive funding through the Erasmus+ Programme.

To find out where you can go, you can see the exchange partners for your course on Global Opportunities Blackboard.

If your degree will not allow you to go on exchange, you should have a look at the other opportunities that you can consider.

Find out how to apply for an International Exchange

Tuition fees

Students who go on exchange to one of our exchange partner universities, whether it’s a semester or a year-long, do not pay tuition fees to the partner university.

Semester-long exchange (three-year degree programme)

If you participate in a one-semester exchange as part of your three-year degree programme, you pay your full tuition fee to the University of Westminster. You will pay no tuition fee to the exchange partner institution.

Year-long sandwich or placement year out (four-year degree programme)

Depending on your college of study, you may be eligible for discounted University of Westminster tuition fee of up to 15%. Please contact your campus registry to find out what discount you will be offered. You will pay no tuition fee to the exchange partner institution.

UK student loans

Being an exchange student does not affect your eligibility to apply for a UK student loan.

Generally, Local Education Authorities (LEAs) do not offer additional funding, but some may do. It is worth contacting your LEA to find out.

If you are eligible for funding through Student Finance, it is essential that you notify them that you will study or work abroad. They may ask you to complete a course abroad form, which you will need to ask your campus registry to sign.