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Erasmus+ provides students with the opportunity to study abroad in Europe for a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 12 months (360 days) as part of your degree.

As part of Erasmus+, you can also work abroad for a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 12 months.

At its heart, the Erasmus+ Programme seeks to support the mobility of students and staff to gain a greater understanding of the European region, and to develop students' skills-sets and self-reliance to succeed as a graduate in our globalised world.

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University of Westminster and Brexit

After the UK’s exit from the European Union, it was announced that the UK will not participate in the Erasmus+ Programme anymore. However, the UK government has assured that EU funding for UK universities and projects is secured until the end of May 2022. Funding will be available for students nominated for an Erasmus+ grant either for study or work placements.

After this academic year, funding opportunities through Erasmus+ depend on the outcome of future negotiations between the European Union and the UK.

The University of Westminster seeks to continue participating in the Erasmus+ Programme or any Erasmus+ successor programme. Regardless of the negotiations between the EU and the UK, the University of Westminster is working closely with partner institutions to ensure the continuity of study and work opportunities for UK students in European countries.

Healthcare after Brexit

Studying or working in an EU country

Your EHIC or A1 National Insurance form may not be valid if there is a no-deal Brexit. You should consider buying comprehensive insurance to cover your healthcare for the full length of your course or placement.

Check the NHS country guides for the latest information on the country you are studying in.

Further information is available on the site.

What students say

If you're interested in studying or working abroad, check out our blog for the first-hand experiences of other students!

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The opportunity to experience a different culture is a special thing and the memories you are left with are priceless. The experience will do much to improve various areas such as communication skills and global awareness.

Joseph Omisope - BA (Hons) international Marketing. Exchange at University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, USA

The experience has helped me secure a graduate job with a leading real estate firm. During my assessment centre and interview, I felt a great sense of confidence as I was equipped with international experience which helped me standout.

Sahib Uddin - BA (Hons) Building Surveying. Westminster Working Cultures trip to Mumbai

A once in a lifetime experience! It is so important to learn the perspectives that the East have on your field of study, particularly if you’re studying Psychology. It will also make you more employable when you graduate.

Alisha Carver – BA (Hons) Psychology. Summer volunteering programme in Bali, Indonesia

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