Procedure for the Nomination and Conferment of Honorary Degrees and Honorary Fellowships of the University

The Nominations Committee will consider submissions for the award of honorary degrees and honorary fellowships of the University and make recommendations to the Court of Governors for approval.

The Vice-Chancellor will invite staff and governors to nominate persons of distinction for honorary awards of the University, through the Vice-Chancellor’s newsletter, meetings of the Court and Academic Council and other senior groups of staff and from the Nominations Committee itself. All nominations should be submitted, in the first instance, to the Vice-Chancellor, who will take advice on the nominations from the University Executive Board.

The submissions should indicate the honorary award proposed and provide a supporting statement and CV setting out the nominee’s achievements which are considered to merit the award and the nominee’s existing or potential relationship with the University. Submissions from academic staff and support staff should come with the written support of the Dean or Head of Department respectively. In no circumstances should nominees be approached directly; offers of awards must have been approved by the Court and be issued by the University.

The Vice-Chancellor and the Nominations Committee may request further information from the proposer of a nomination. The Nominations Committee will consider nominations for honorary awards of the University according to the approved nomination criteria for honorary degrees and fellowships.

Nomination Criteria for Honorary Degrees and Fellowships

Honorary Degrees

The University will confer honorary degrees upon persons who have

  • achieved distinction in public or professional life

Honorary Fellowships

The University will confer honorary fellowships upon persons who have either

  • provided distinguished service to education and/or the University in a voluntary capacity


  •  provided distinguished service beyond the normal requirements of a member of the University

Note 1: The conferment of honorary degrees or fellowships should form part of the annual University Presentation Ceremonies.

Note 2: Honorary Fellowships should not be awarded to anyone who is in paid office in the University at the time of conferment but may be awarded to former employees for particularly distinguished service.

Note 3: Honorary awards should not be offered to serving political figures, including members of the House of Commons, foreign governments, high commissioners and ambassadors. Special cases might be considered on reaching the end of a political career.