Global experience

Westminster students and staff belong to a diverse university community, in a multicultural world city where international trade represents 80 per cent of all business. And we are committed to developing opportunities for international and internationalised experience, for our staff and especially for our students. We want to make sure that our graduates are well equipped to engage effectively with the challenges and demands of a global marketplace.

Employers worldwide place increasing value on international and intercultural competence. As a recent report from the UK Higher Education International Unit indicates, “UK students who are globally mobile have a lower unemployment rate and end up earning more as graduates than their non-mobile counterparts”. Consequently, our Global Engagement Strategy is ambitious with regard to student participation in study abroad, international placement and outward mobility activity, short and longer term, as well as in a wider range of activities geared to the development of a 'global outlook' and global skills.

International experience

Students can expand their international horizons and fulfil their global potential by taking part in one of our many student exchange programmes. Outward mobility options range from short international summer school opportunities and field trips to full year international placements. We continue to expand our outward mobility portfolio and to support student participation in it. Westminster currently has 70 exchange partnerships across 21 countries and further growth is planned. Funding may be available for Westminster students studying abroad.

“If you're thinking about going abroad you should definitely do it. Learning a second language is a fantastic opportunity to make yourself stand out in the work market, and in many cases Universities offer courses in English while allowing you to benefit from a different academic approach. An extra year in higher education gives you a chance to develop the skills needed to excel in both your final year and in your career following graduation.”

Jim Hirschmann, European Legal Studies (LLB)
One year Erasmus+ student exchange, Free University of Berlin 2013

International competitions and field trips

We are particularly proud that the talents of our students and staff are regularly rewarded and acknowledged at national and international level as competition nominees and winners.

International field trips are often an integral part of our courses and provide opportunities to take students outside their classroom setting and allow them to engage with, and think critically and ethically about the world in which we live.

“Our field trip to Koceali University in Turkey enabled students from both institutions to participate in a joint workshop where they were able to debate key issues related to politics and international relations, and to explore together current global challenges.

Dibyesh Anand, Head of Department, Department of Politics & International Relations
Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

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Global skills

Alongside our outward mobility portfolio, we are proud to offer opportunities for learning new foreign languages or for developing current foreign language skills, through our open language programme, Polylang. Polylang is open to all students, staff, our alumni community and members of the public too. Languages available include Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, French, Japanese, German and Russian, and all levels are catered for, from beginners to advanced students. We also offer students a range of modules on intercultural communication. And the Westminster Professional Language Centre provides English pre-sessional courses and in-sessional academic English courses for students who need additional English language support.


The work of Westminster’s Career Development Centre and our volunteering provision contribute to our students' development of global skills. The Careers Development Centre helps prepare students for employability through a range of routes, from part time work and internships to advice on graduate employment. The Centre engages with a large number of national and multinational employers, such as Barclays Bank, the BBC, British Airways, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Nokia, GlaxoSmithKline, and Warner Brothers.

Hundreds of our students also volunteer each year, helping charities and other organisations provide services to communities locally, nationally and internationally, while also enhancing their own employment skills.

And our Learning Futures programme, which aims to ensure all our courses provide transformative and inspiring learning experiences, is also focused on enhancing students’ global skills profile and competitiveness in local and international job markets.

Opportunities for visiting students

Study abroad

Our study abroad programmes allow visiting students to participate in a range of credit mobility programmes at undergraduate level, spanning a semester or the full academic year. Our programmes are designed to develop students as effective global graduates with placement options available that combine study with work. Ranked number 1 in the UK for student choice for students from the USA, we are also a committed partner of Generation Study Abroad.

Summer schools

We have developed an international Study Abroad summer school in the heart of London designed to give students the opportunity to develop their global outlook over a 3 or 6 week period in June and July which connects students from across the world to study in a range of globally relevant disciplines.

Science without Borders

We welcome students from Brazil as part of the flagship scholarship programme Ciência sem fronteiras. Study options are available from an interesting range of offerings from our Faculties of Science and Technology and Architecture and the Built Environment.

Further details of the programmes available for international students, including degree courses, are available within our International pages.

Scholarships and funding

Westminster is proud to offer one of the leading scholarships programmes in the UK as well as having long standing relationships with organisations such as Chevening, US Federal Loans, Santander Group, Saudi Cultural Bureau and Commonwealth Scholarships, all of whom provide funding for international students.

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