Westminster Law School’s PhD programme is set within a vibrant and supportive research environment, in the heart of Central London.

Westminster Law School has an outstanding reputation as a pioneer in Socio-Legal research, the Legal Profession and Legal Education, and Entertainment Law, and is particularly well-known for its cutting-edge research in Legal Theory, International Law, Criminal Justice, and European Union Law.

The Law School, which currently has 40 doctoral students, is well placed within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to provide doctoral students with opportunities to network and develop an interdisciplinary approach to research. Both the School and the College provide a range of attractive activities for doctoral students, including research seminars, conferences, a nationally recognised training programme aimed at developing world-class researchers, a research retreat to a Cumberland Lodge, and excellent teaching opportunities.

The Westminster Law School building has been given a multi-million pound redevelopment to further enhance the quality of study and social space, with dedicated office space for doctoral students.

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