The School of Architecture and Cities has a strong reputation for research and hosts a series of research centres and groups. Doctoral students interested in the design and management of urban environments benefit from supervision by staff working at the forefront of research on strategic design, mobilities and place making.

The unique composition of the School combines the disciplines needed for the design of environmentally and socially sustainable cities. Our aim is to encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas from architecture, transport, infrastructure, tourism and urban planning. The multi-disciplinary configuration of the School encourages innovative and joined-up thinking from our doctoral students.

Engagement with practice is part of the School’s research culture. Alongside a passionate group of around 100 research-productive staff, the School hosts high-impact professorial positions and influential visiting fellows. Staff collaborate with a variety of influential partners in the UK and globally.

Due to the applied and practice-oriented nature of the research, the School creates a substantial impact in a variety of policy communities. Symposia and workshops are hosted on a regular basis.

The School boasts an outstanding portfolio of externally funded research in Air Traffic Management, Sustainable Freight Practices, Smart Urban Development, Cycling Policy, ‘Monsoon Assemblages’, Major Events and Urban Change, Heritage and Cultural Resources.

How to apply

The academic staff member responsible for PhD admissions in the School is Dr. Andrew Smith who can be contacted by email via: [email protected].

You can read more about our application process and entry requirements on our How to apply page. 

Apply via UCAS

Course title UCAS code Apply now
MPhil/PhD Architecture P052380 Apply now
MPhil/PhD Tourism P052390 Apply now
MPhil/PhD Transport P052394 Apply now
MPhil/PhD Urban Studies P052398 Apply now

Distance learning

If you intend to apply for a research degree by distance-learning, you will need to demonstrate that you have appropriate local support for the duration of registration – please refer to the information on our distance learning page.


Course title UCAS code Apply now
MPhil/PhD Architecture by Distance Learning  P052381  Apply now
MPhil/PhD Tourism by Distance Learning P052391 Apply now
MPhil/PhD Transport by Distance Learning  P052395 Apply now
MPhil/PhD Urban Studies by Distance Learning P052399 Apply now

PhD by published work

If you intend to apply for PhD by Published Work please refer to the information on our PhD by published work page as the application process differs from the normal MPhil/PhD. Before applying, you should first make contact with the relevant academic for an informal discussion of your publications. You should only submit a formal application at this stage.

Course title  UCAS CODE Apply now
PhD by Published Work Architecture  P052385  Apply now
PhD by Published Work Tourism P052393 Apply now
PhD by Published Work Transport P052397 Apply now
PhD by Published Work Urban Studies P052401  Apply now


The Graduate School and each of the academic schools at the University of Westminster are committed to doctoral programmes which encourage and make possible excellent research. As part of this, we are committed to offering a range of studentships. Find out more information on current studentships being offered across the university on our Studentships page. 

Research centres and groups 

Find out more about research based in the School of Architecture and Cities: 


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