Tracking your application

You can track your application on the Westminster Applicant Portal.

If we make you an offer

If your application for a Postgraduate Taught course at Westminster is successful, we will email you an offer letter, which can be used for scholarship or visa applications. You will also see this offer letter on our Applicant Portal.

Your offer letter will be sent to you by your admissions officer who will guide you through the admissions process through to enrolment.  If you have any questions about your offer or the admissions process, this is who you should contact.

Unconditional offers

An unconditional offer means that you've already met the entry requirements for your course and you've got a confirmed place at the University of Westminster.

Conditional offers

A conditional offer means you'll need to meet certain requirements before we can confirm your place.

This normally means achieving certain exam results or providing us with evidence of your qualifications, but we'll let you know exactly what you need to do in your offer.

If you receive a Conditional offer to start a Postgraduate Taught course in September, you should provide evidence that you‘ve met all of the conditions outlined in your offer by 30 August, unless otherwise agreed with us.

Accepting or declining your offer

You can accept your offer through the Westminster Applicant Portal — we advise you to do this as soon as possible.

If you decide you don't want to accept your offer, or if you'd like to withdraw your application, please also let us know through the Westminster Applicant Portal.

Uploading additional information to your application

You may be asked to upload evidence of your qualifications, or supplementary information that was not supplied with your original application. If this is the case, we'll let you know and email you instructions on how to do this.

Information you may need to upload includes:

  • references
  • personal statements
  • fee assessment information
  • qualifications

Deferring your entry

If you wish to defer your start date to the following intake or the next academic year, you should submit your request via email to your admissions officer in the Postgraduate Admissions Team.

If we don't make you an offer

If we are unable to make you an offer for a course, you'll be notified via the Westminster Applicant Portal.

Occasionally, we may feel you're better suited for a course different to the one you applied for. If this happens, we'll email you to let you know, and you'll see the change in UCAS.

Transferring to a different course

We do accept course transfers as long as you meet the entry requirements for the course, there are places available, and the course leader approves of the transfer.

Please note that if you're an international student, changing your course can impact your visa status. Please contact our student advice team for further information.

International student deposits and CAS

We strongly advise you that if you need to apply for a visa to study in the UK, you pay your deposit by 1 July to guarantee you have adequate time to complete the visa process. 

For Master's courses starting in January, the deadline to firmly accept your offer is 15 December. If you pay the deposit after this deadline, your application will be processed only if there are places available. Please note that the University closes over the Christmas period from 24 December to 2 January and during this period we are unable to process any applications or CAS requests.

While the minimum fee deposit payment you need to make is £4,000, you may choose to pay more or all of your tuition fee amount at this point, as this will reduce the amount of money you will need to demonstrate when you apply for your visa.

Pre-sessional English students

For courses starting at any other time of the year, such as the Pre-sessional English course, the deposit must be paid no less than 3 weeks prior to the start of the course along with the full course fee. You will be issued with an unconditional offer for the Pre-sessional course in order to apply for your CAS.

For details of students who are exempt from the deposit requirements, please see our international students page.


We can only issue you with a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) for your Tier 4 Visa application when your offer has been firmly accepted and we've received all required evidence.