1. Introduction

1.1. The EU Qualifications Welcome Awards Scheme provides eligible students with a reduction of £4,500 per academic year, for the standard duration of the course.

1.2. It is a qualifications-based award scheme open to students of any nationality who can meet the eligibility criteria in paragraph 2.

1.3. The scheme exists to support as many eligible undergraduate students as possible and there are no limits to the number of awards available.

2. Eligibility Criteria

2.1. Eligibility for this award is not based on nationality. All students who meet the criteria will receive the award.

2.2. To receive the award, you must meet all three of the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Classify as International/Overseas for fees purposes
  2. Commence a course with us in September 2021 at level 3 (Foundation) or level 4 (first year)
  3. Enter solely on the basis of an eligible EU qualification. See a list of eligible qualifications

3. Restrictions

Please note the following eligibility restrictions:

3.1. Only the EU qualifications listed on the eligible qualifications list will be accepted. The International Baccalaureate Diploma is not eligible.

3.2. Students admitted on the basis of a mix of EU and non-EU qualifications would not be eligible.

3.3. Students entering at level 5 or level 6 are not eligible.

3.4. All students attending the University are subject to the Student Terms and Conditions. If you breach those terms and are unable to complete your programme, we cannot guarantee your award will be available for future applications.

4. Duration of Award

4.1. The EU Qualifications Welcome Awards are currently only advertised for the year of entry 2021/22. If you choose to defer your entry, we cannot guarantee the award will be available at the next entry point.

4.2. Once your award has been confirmed it will remain in place for the standard duration of study. The standard duration is shown on the course webpage and in your offer letter.

4.3. If you are unable to complete your course in the standard duration of study and require more time, you may be required to pay fees at the higher international level. This change would be dependent on University of Westminster fee policy at that time.

5. Application Process

5.1. You do not need to apply for the EU Qualifications Welcome Award; we will assess your eligibility at the confirmation stage when we receive your grades. Please Note: The revised fee will not be reflected on your offer letter but will show on your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

6. Reviewing Decision

6.1. If for any reason you have not received the award, but believe you are eligible and are able to provide the relevant evidence to confirm your eligibility, you may request a review of your status by emailing: .

6.2. We reserve the right to request additional evidence where the initial supporting documentation was not clear in order to verify your eligibility.