Poster for Misty in Roots & Thompson Twins ‘No Nukes Benefit concert 6 February 1981


The 1960s musical history of the University is well known, from Jimi Hendrix’s first UK performance to the founding of Pink Floyd. A new project has begun to shift this centre of gravity slightly and examine a more recent slice of our musical heritage, the period from 1976-1990. From Nick Cave’s The Birthday Party, via New Order to The Stone Roses, PCL played host to many of the key bands of the period. With gigs benefitting causes such as Anti-Apartheid, Rock against Racism and striking miners, it appears to be a febrile period for political pop.

We are creating a ‘gigography’ of bands that played our venues – New Cavendish Street, Little Titchfield Street and Bolsover Street – from McGarel (the student magazine from 1969-1993). However, we cannot be sure these tell the full story! We are very interested in hearing your recollections – were you at any gigs during that period? Do you have any tickets stubs of posters? Do you have any stories relating to these events?

If you do have something please contact Anna McNally (Senior Archivist) via [email protected] or Guy Osborn at [email protected].

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