Law, Society and Popular Culture

Founded in 1996, the Centre for Law, Society and Popular Culture draws together many of the threads of work that goes on in the Westminster Law School and beyond. It has an established reputation, both professionally and academically, and covers areas such as music, sport, film and the media amongst others. Activities of the Centre include organising the Theory Meets Practice Seminar Series and coordinating the Entertainment and Sports Law Journal. Recently the Centre curated the Classified Exhibition in conjunction with the British Board of Film Classification and a series of seminars on football agents and match fixing in football. Members of the Centre have received research funding from bodies such as The Socio Legal Studies Association, Institute for Alcohol Studies, the Musicians' Union, ESRC and TSB.

Dispatches From the Frontline of Popular Culture

We run a popular blog called Dispatches from the Frontline of Law and Popular Culture.

Centre media

The centre has been running events for a number of years, such as from the Film Matters and Theory Meets Practice series. We have collated media from events here.

Theory Meets Practice

The Theory Meets Practice series has been held since 2011.

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